Should the Transgender community be forbidden from using the bathroom of their preference?

Posted by: cmemequeen

  • Yes, they should be allowed.

  • No, they shouldn't be allowed.

54% 20 votes
46% 17 votes
  • Look at this situation: A man who clearly knows himself is a man; he is an inappropriate person, and "declares" himself a woman and goes into a female restroom. He could do anything inside, including inappropriate acts. They should be forbidden from entering any restroom that is not associated with their birth gender.

  • I think there shouldn't be laws forbidding people from entering gendered bathrooms that don't match their biology or appearance. For trans people, to act or live as the gender they don't identify as causes distress and mental anguish. Any attempts to properly identify the biology or identity of people will either be invasive or impractical. I think laws against harassment, sexual assault, and causing public panic will serve to protect individuals from creeps. Therefore, I see no reason to explicitly forbid people from entering either bathroom.

  • Transgenders should use the bathroom that goes with the gender they were born as. I don't want a man who thinks he is a women going in the same bathroom as my girlfriend. Everyone deserves rights but no one deserves extra just because they think there some special snowflake

  • There's never been a issue with it before, so there's no reason the right should be taken away.

  • Yes they should. As someone who is non-binary queer, if I do eventually decide to go through surgery I would like to use the bathroom of my choice. Gender is not black and white its an array of different colors. And to the ones that are complaining about transgenders raping your children, I'm going to say that 99.9% of the people using the bathrooms who are actually transgender won't rape your children, and nothing is stopping pedophiles going into the other bathroom anyways. Also hair doesn't have a gender, there are plenty of cisgender males out there with long hair and cisgender women out there with short hair.

  • If you are a biological male, go in the mens room. If you are a biological female, go in the ladies room. Trans people deserve rights. Just not extra ones.

  • No then any person claiming the opposing gender could go into the restroom. Maybe even rape or sexually harass that gender. Anyone can say "I'm Transgender" but have different intentions

  • Sorry, but i'm not letting a 40 year old MAN with a PENIS who just slapped on a wig to go into the same bathroom as my daughter. Nor would I let a 40 years old WOMAN with a VAGINA who is simply cut her hair to go into the same bathroom as my son. Penis= men's room. Vagina= women's room. Simple as that. No need to overcomplicate it.

    Posted by: SegBeg
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Babby_The_Chihuahua says2016-12-14T00:47:56.0830973Z
What's a transgender?
Republicandebate says2016-12-14T01:16:32.5929035Z
This a deceiving (probably unintentionally) Asking if they should be forbidden and in the yes box it says they should be allowed when if you read the picture and not the caption below you will answer wrong.
XxFoxlordxX says2016-12-14T03:39:34.7387139Z
Bfrong3, you clicked the wrong button. :P
Anonymous says2016-12-14T20:41:20.6466052Z
What is wrong with you people? Lol, how does this affect you in any way? I can't believe a majority of you think they should not be allowed. Closed-minded much?
ZachZimmey says2016-12-15T00:47:33.5113711Z
Ans yet forcing me to conform to their strange fantasies and accusing me of hate when i don't isn't close-minded?
Mharman says2016-12-15T14:17:20.3238280Z
@ZachZimmey: When are liberal says you're closed minded, what they really mean is "You should believe what I believe."
AlexaGeek says2016-12-15T17:25:51.1139326Z
@ZachZimmey You have to accept that others will live a different lifestyle and do things you consider sick and immoral (that aren't directly harmful to you). This issue is a huge grey area because people aren't sure where to draw the line between the rights of trans people and the rights to privacy in regards to public bathrooms.
Mharman says2016-12-16T13:45:32.4060987Z
@Alexageek: I don't give a crap what you identify as, you could identify as a flying spaghetti monster for all I care. But if you have a penis, you are going to men's room.
BlargArgNarg says2016-12-16T13:49:56.4352579Z
AlexaGeek says2016-12-16T18:09:09.4060721Z
@Mharman How do you feel about intersex people and restrooms?
Babby_The_Chihuahua says2016-12-26T22:11:51.8531241Z
What's an intersex?
Mharman says2017-01-04T15:48:01.0450953Z
Define intersex, please.
Mharman says2017-01-10T21:24:06.7524344Z
Their parents, upon birth should pick one gender, and have a surgical procedure done to remove any trace of the other gender. For those who can understand what boys and girls are, they can pick one.
brinzahar says2017-01-11T01:11:48.5273168Z
I believe that if a transgender individual should be allowed to use which ever bathroom of their gender, not sex. And on the rape issue, it won't be the transgenders raping it'll be sick people who do it (which for all of you "close minded" Christians out there, rape and sexual harassment is allowed in your book so rape shouldn't be a problem for you). I don't understand the issue here, let people feel comfortable, if you were a woman would you feel comfortable in the men's bathroom and if you are a man would you be comfortable in a woman's bathroom, no. I don;t see what the problem is here, if you would let your child into a public bathroom by themselves with an adult in there of the same sex there isn't anything saying they can't rape them, is there. I don't see how so many people think that if someone isn't cisgender or straight in many cases, makes them rapists or pedophiles. The only reason why so many people of the LGBTQ community are fucked up in the head, not because of their gender or sexuality but assholes not allowing them the same rights and respect as themselves.
Mharman says2017-01-11T02:57:02.2051593Z
@brinzahar: Their gender and sex is the same thing. Also, it makes it way easier for a person who claims to be a transgender female to rape someone. Then, you are going to call Christians closed minded because they believe differently than you do, and what you really mean is "You should believe what I believe." Ironically, you are being closed minded to the fact that gender is a physical, biological thing, not a mindset. They shouldn't feel comfortable being something they are not. Transgender males are not males, they are just confused females. Also, they should have the same rights, but their rights should not trample over everyone else's rights.
Mharman says2017-01-11T02:58:13.6687593Z
Also, rape is condemned in the Bible, how many Liberal lies are you reading? Try actually reading the Bible.
Amzer says2017-01-17T12:11:06.8733950Z
@Mharman Sex and gender are two different things,, so far there have never been any instances of a transgender raping someone. The first one was gender, here is sex:
Mharman says2017-01-17T13:36:06.5498998Z
Here's the deal. When society accepts that gender is a physical thing, and not a mindset, we will be better off.
SegBeg says2017-01-18T11:45:42.8413378Z
@brinzahar how ignorant can you get man? No, Christians do NO'T think that any non cisgender people are automatically rapists or pedophiles. That's not what we're saying. The new transgender laws are not about transgenders being rapists- it is about the situation making it EASIER for those "sick people" as you call them to take advantage of the new rule and well- rape people or sexually harass people. It does not necessarily have to be transgenders. They can be as cis as one can be but still be a sick disgusting pervert- THAT'S what we're worried about. And your stance on the Bible supporting rape? Give me a break. You just looked at liberal and atheist websites to justify your garbage. If you'd actually take time to READ the Bible rather than trying to justify your narrative by looking at ATHEIST websites (who clearly don't know anything about the Bible at all), you'd find that rape of so clearly condemned in the Bible. But of course you're going to use the Old Testament Laws for your argument and then state "but what about when Jesus said he did not come to change the law but to enforce it" well I'll tell you this: those laws were the laws of the HEBREWS. They were HISTORICAL laws that were never intended to be followed for eternity. You and a whole lot of other atheists need to read up on Biblical theology and stop reading the Bible so lightly.

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