• Yes

  • No

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • They're illegal immigrants. They should go back to their own country and fix it. They wanted democracy and destroyed their country in the process. Its your country you cant just move to someone else's when the going gets rough. What if England sucked and Libya was rich? Should Libya let in thousands of English immigrants in? No, England should rebuild their country to glory just to show that this isn't a bias towards Arabs or Muslims but all peoples of the world.

  • Britain has far too many immigrants already. At the rate things are going, native Brits will be a minority in a few decades. No people should be considered obligated to surrender their homeland. Also, these immigrants lack any skills to bring to European labor markets and are coming illegally. They will contribute next to nothing while being far more likely to commit crimes (especially rape and murder). They should be sent back. Third world people bring third world problems and Europe has enough problems already.

  • We have enough immigrants both legal AND illegal to be dealing with, without adding more fuel to the fire that EVERY political party is using in there bid for this years election campaign. The are many nations in Europe that are "neutral" in times of war or just adopt a "peacekeeping" role. Let these countries help those in need whilst the more "willing" countries deal with the serious threat of global terrorism. Instead of using the countries money to help those that are, in the first place, making a choice for a suicide crossing of the med, we should be utilising that funding to fight terrorism which is a REAL threat to the UK and other western countries.

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