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50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • Yes, but only on the condition that it is reformed to remove corruption and slow movements. Otherwise a stronger elitist union should be set up. We benefit from good trade deals in and out of the EU.

  • Yes, the EU is our biggest trading partner, this is a fact. Some people will say we could leave and still trade with them... Yes you could, but to trade with the EU you still have to implement at least most EU trading laws, and if it was me, I'd rather have a say on the writing of those laws, than no say at all.

  • Becuase regressive conservatism only serves to keep the worlds problems in place, or worse, recreate the old ones, like pre EU Europe.

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cosecant says2014-06-21T12:37:59.8535760-05:00
wbirchall says2014-06-21T12:38:28.6513606-05:00
cosecant says2014-06-21T12:45:41.6157892-05:00
Hum mm mmm.......
cosecant says2014-06-21T12:46:05.0156392-05:00
Our Glorious Argument Shall Win....
debate_power says2014-06-21T17:38:27.5887962-05:00
Hummm......... Either seriously reform, it, or disband it altogether.
Ryannate says2016-02-09T18:44:55.4333233Z
Here's my wall of text explaining why to leave, all my sources are verified and reliable with official statistics. ;) feel free to challenge me and give additional points as I would like to improve this :). 1. This comes from Migration watch which is independent of the government "The impact of immigration into the UK on GDP per head – the key metric measuring prosperity - is essentially negligible" "Although labor market effects are notoriously difficult to estimate, there is tentative evidence to show that some immigration has had negative effect on the employment of UK-born workers . There is also substantial anecdotal evidence that workers in some sectors of the economy have suffered more than others from competition with migrant labor: the IT industry is one such sector" "Since 1997 three-quarters of employment created in the UK economy has been taken by immigrants (4.4) On the impact of immigration on average wage levels, the evidence is again inconclusive (5.1), but there is a strong consensus of opinion that immigration has harmed the earnings of the most poorly-paid UK-born members of the labor force" The methodology used to demonstrate alleged positive fiscal impacts is flawed and partial (section 6); in any case calculations of the size of the fiscal impact, whether negative or positive, are extremely small." So point 1 in summary Migration has little impact on our economy, because of the strains on infrastructure, housing, NHS etc. And as for the argument that "immigrants take our jobs" this is true, because it is shown above to be true. Now I'm all in favor for the most skilled person to take that job immigrant or not, but when we import in the hundreds of thousands, we are promoting the lowering of wages the rising house prices and more healthcare strain (many young immigrants, think about the cost of healthcare and raising children.) 2. EU SUPERSTATE. The founder of the EU Jean Monnet wanted to form a superstate, the current president Jean de clunker also is a commit-ed federalist at the moment 75% of our laws are made in Brussels, made by unelected bureaucrats, the EU is becoming "ever closer" and that would be terrible as we would lose our sovereignty. So how does the eu plan to form this supposed superstate? Import immigrants from outside the EU, is your answer, Why though? Here me out If you let in immigrants to the EU from say Syria for example, there will be radicals which A poses a security threat but B. More importantly all that immigration means the dilution of a national culture, which would make sense as more foreign culture will dilute national culture much like the adding of water to an acid. It gets more dilute with more water so why do i care and talk about national culture? Because that is precisely what keeps us opposed to a superstate! 3. 55 million a day keeps the EU appeased, and for what? Dictatorial bureaucrats, think about Norway they get trade with Europe like Switzerland and do not put up with this nonsense. And what about BRICS the emerging economies of a new world! 4. TRADE OUTSIDE OF EUROPE!!!! 5. Multiculturalism is a failure because immigrant groups will always clump together, leading to A. A lack of sufficient integration B. Causing Friction as a result e.g. Racism and community drawn segregation. Islam is a particular problem due to the terrible treatment of women in the religion and many Muslims (like other immigrants but this is a good example) will refuse to integrate. I accept that some do integrate I accept that truly, however there is insufficient numbers doing so sufficiently for me to be convinced that multiculturalism works due to the fact that even in the 21st century we still have 'racism' towards particularly the Muslim community. Another problem with immigration is seen evidently in Cologne, as not all immigrants bring with them what is considered western values. And this is actually not the only place were this has happened, across Europe there has been a stark increase in rape timing with the arrival of mainly young male immigrants who are not all refugees as some are also economic migrants. This is not racism, This is proven facts that I know have happened and I am not afraid to speak of it. I am not racist and acknowledge that crime can be committed by anyone I am stating fact and want to state nothing but it.

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