Should the UK leave the EU?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

There has been many issues about this, particularly on the British having the rights to control immigration. But will it be good for the economy?

  • Yes it should leave and be fully independent!

  • No, it should remain part of the EU

48% 11 votes
52% 12 votes
  • just until the EU becomes stable again.

  • Because the EU is: Bureaucratic Anti Democratic Fascist Over regulating and Hitler's dream come true. Only Germany benefits and in it we are a colony in an empire.

  • Stay in the EU. So what a few immigrants come here in order to live in a place where they are not constantly being bombed. I personally think that leaving the EU will benefit us at all, it certainly wont solve the immigration problem

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Episteme says2015-04-08T18:07:33.3131765-05:00
I think the economic ramifications for the UK leaving the EU would be too immense. It would be very difficult to continue to operate as a contender in world wide affairs. Cutting oneself off from the rest of the world only hurts the UK. The EU probably will continue to survive regardless.

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