Should the United NAtions make Jerusalem international land?

Posted by: EthanAuneM

The Christians, Jews, and Muslims all claim it as their own, is it worth all of the fighting, or should it be international. Feel free to comment as well as vote.

  • Yes it should be internationalized

  • No it should not be internationalized

62% 10 votes
38% 6 votes
  • The city of Jerusalem is under the authority of the Israeli Government. The UN should not act towards taking this land from Israel.

  • Land can only belong to one individual, corporation, or (more rarely) government. land cannot belong to all because that is the same as it belonging to nobody. International land is nearly impossible to exploit.

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58539672 says2015-04-24T20:05:16.2356455-05:00
How would the UN be able to take the land from Israel? The peacekeeping forces can't engage in offensive operations and are too inferior to actually beat Israel. And any action by the Security Council can be overturned with a single veto, which the US will definitely use in this situation.
EthanAuneM says2015-04-30T15:10:18.0648508-05:00
58539672, they would not invade Israel, they would put sanctions on Israel until they have to either give it to us or suffer greatly as a country.

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