Should the United States adopt slavery again

Posted by: Griffin1972-2002

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  • Robert E. Lee

  • Abraham Lincoln

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69% 20 votes
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AlexanderOc says2014-06-17T16:29:40.2980085-05:00
White slavery is better than black slavery? Isn't that racist?
mishapqueen says2014-06-17T17:11:26.3195099-05:00
Ummm..... Robert E. Lee was not pro-slavery, he was pro states rights. He fought for the confederacy because Virginia joined and he was a Virginian first and an American second. In those times, the American states were like little countries and the government was infringing on the South's rights by forcing the slavery issue. Long story short, it is unfair and historically inaccurate to portray Robert. E. Lee as pro-slavery. He actually was against it. He would have fought with the Union if Virginia hadn't seceded. I don't support slavery, but I am from Virginia, and I think the North did trample on the South's rights too much. Robert E. Lee was a devout Christian who did what he thought was right. It is unfair for us to judge him since hindsight is 20/20.
LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-17T17:13:40.4153907-05:00
Also, the war was not fought over slavery, as so many mistakenly believe.
mishapqueen says2014-06-17T17:14:44.8585515-05:00
Shadow-Dragon says2014-06-17T17:39:24.5486864-05:00
Bring white slaves in from England. Let them know what whips feel like.
Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-06-17T19:48:06.6283812-05:00
Although he fought for the confederacy, I still think Robert E. Lee was a good man. He was a real soulthern gentleman. I know this hasn't anything to do with the poll, but I thnk it's a little unfair to have him be the symbol of slavery in this poll.
mishapqueen says2014-06-17T20:44:19.5797431-05:00
I agree with you completely!
Seido says2014-06-18T00:11:30.5958963-05:00
To respond to you, LittleBallofHATE, the main point of our justice system should be rehabilitation, not punishment. Forcing criminals, be their offenses violent or civil, is only a form of punishment that further separates them from the majority of the populous. Pushing them too much would make it much harder for them to become rehabilitated, which will mean that they either won't ever get out of prison, or will commit more crimes when they get out, resulting in further jail time. If we focus on rehabilitation, we can turn more criminals into law abiding citizens that assist in developing our country without the need for tax dollars funding their prison sentences. Oh, and just an FYI, we could likely shorten our prison sentences if we focused more on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. When you focus on punishment, it's going to take much longer for someone to be able to be admitted back into the real world, if they can be at all. Spending more money in the short term to rehabilitate them will likely speed up how long it takes them to be ready to move back into society, and will decrease their chances of coming back. This will then reduce the amount of tax dollars going towards prisoners in the long run.
LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-18T01:33:34.2904196-05:00
@Seido There's no reason they can't work, while we're rehabilitating them. If they weren't in prison, they'd be working anyway. I say make them earn the food and medical care they receive in prison. It's only fair. Why should I have to pay for it?
Seido says2014-06-18T07:55:11.4382913-05:00
Most prisons already have their inmates doing work on the prison. It usually ranges from cleaning the prison, to cooking for the prison, or doing the custodial work. There is, however, a difference between having them work like we do now and turning them into slaves. It is important that we treat them like workers while they're in prison, not slaves. If we treat them like workers, they're going to be better adjusted for the real world. If they're treated like slaves, it's going to take longer to rehabilitate them simply because of how that lifestyle differs from the lifestyle they'll lead outside of jail. Put simply, they can work for the room, board, and healthcare, but they really should be paid some while they're doing it as to better adjust them to the real world. Oh, wait, we do that already.
Griffin1972-2002 says2014-06-18T17:47:29.4362849-05:00
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bettabreeder says2014-06-26T23:59:20.9985808-05:00
This pole is so ignorant! The CSA was never pro slavery as it is taught and accepted and Lee wasn't slave owner he was against slavery. He was ask to fight for the North but couldn't bare arms on his Virginia so F you
sebban468 says2016-11-14T19:51:26.0958391Z
Yes. Lets bring back black negro slaves. We canuse them for all the hard labor while we just sit back and relax. I think the blacks need to learn their place. I mean they look like freaking monkeys anyway. The black men should do the hard labour and we can use the women as our personal sex practice objects and also use them for house work, a "house nigger" if you will. The only hard part will be to present this suggestion to the political people, they might find some of this slightly offensive but the black peoples opinions don't matter.

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