Should the United States and Canada united into one country?

Posted by: SeanNation

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Omg no never.

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Yes. Then we can rule the world >:)

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Hanspete says2015-02-19T10:59:53.6776274-06:00
Where's Peters?
dbushwacker says2015-02-19T13:17:45.3457185-06:00
Why ? :p
PetersSmith says2015-02-19T13:44:50.7316076-06:00
Dbushwacker: One of my greatest goals in life, and one of the things that would allow me to die happy, would be the annexation of Canada.
dbushwacker says2015-02-19T14:02:20.8335413-06:00
Sweeeeeet, :p
labarum says2015-02-19T14:05:48.2930622-06:00
Just make it official
Norse270 says2015-02-19T14:08:02.3693330-06:00
Canada is the best country in the world. Americas wonderful, but it should be sepersted.
labarum says2015-02-19T14:10:08.2277126-06:00
Canada is pretty much owned by the US anyways. When ever a Canadian person goes to a different nation, no one says " Oh, are you from Canada?"
alphafailed says2015-02-19T17:38:01.9871299-06:00
It's also vice versa. I couldn't pick out an american tourist from a canadian crowd. America doesn't own Canada at all!
labarum says2015-02-19T17:42:16.6584617-06:00
If you were to put an American in a Canadian crowd. However, if you were to put a Canadian in a Nigerian, Chinese, Mexican, or Egyptian crowd, no one is going to think your a Canadian. They are going to think your an American, only your not that lucky.
alphafailed says2015-03-11T20:24:29.4100177-05:00
For all they know, we could all be British! I'm not entirely sure a pompous identity is something to be proud of....

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