Should the United States be involved in the affairs of other countries?

Posted by: tbedell17

  • Yes

  • No

22% 4 votes
78% 14 votes
  • Mind your own business...

  • We tried giving others our liberty, and it's not working. We should focus on preserving (or, more specifically, regaining) our own liberty.

  • The united states should stop getting involved in the world's affairs!

  • The United States should finish the wars we're in now, we've put in too much to lose, sacrifices would be in vain. Afterwards, DON'T GET INVOLVED, it's not our business unless we are provoked.

  • America is not the guardian angel of the world. We have the UN for that.

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Conservative101 says2014-03-31T14:20:48.1913812-05:00
That really depends. I am not an isolationist or an extreme interventionist. Rather, I am somewhat in the middle. If the U.S. ignores conflict in other countries, problems will arise, such as World War II and the Cold War. On the other hand, the U.S. is not the world's policeman. We can't hold up the weight of the world. It is the job of local governments, international and local charities, as well as the efforts of individuals, to help those in need, not the U.S.'s. We should invade when our allies need our help, or an anti-Western dictator takes power. We should also protect our civilians as well as other nations', but we should always weigh the consequences of both options before making a decision.

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