Should the United States declare War on the Islamic State of Iran & Lebanon (ISIL)?

Posted by: DavidMGold

  • Yes. Iran is a totalitarian Islamic Theocratic Regime that was behind terrorist attacks on US embassies and other installations killing several hundred, the kidnapping/torturing of US officials and citizens, is responsible for the deaths of over 1,100 US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, continues arming/financing the Taliban against US forces in Afghanistan, harboring/sponsoring Al Qaeda, and conducting cyberattacks in 2012 on American companies in the Persian Gulf in addition to firing rockets at US vesse

  • No. The US is big enough to take the hits and killing Americans does not merit another war in the Middle East. The Jews can fend for themselves and Israel shouldn't exist anyway. Obama's historic deal, following in the great tradition of Democratic Presidents, prevented Iranfrom nuclear weapons as Bill Clinton did in North Korea.

60% 3 votes
40% 2 votes
  • The way America does war is with bombs. I'll put this very simply: Bombs Create Terrorists. The sheer amount of civilian casualties that happen in the Middle-East due to American interference and bombing has become staggering. So far we've killed more innocent civilians than ISIS. Yeah, we're worse than ISIS. Now. To put this in perspective, think of it this way: If (say China) bombed the US to try to combat the K.K.K. and in return caused massive civilian casualties, how would you feel? How would you feel if your family is killed in a bombing attack? You would want to do everything in your power to destroy the thing that destroyed your family. And that's how ISIS recruits people.

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shelbypup252 says2017-07-03T07:22:26.2629646Z
The Islamic State of Iran and Lebanon? What the fuck? ISIL stands for "The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant"

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