Should the United States declare War on the Islamic State of Iran & Lebanon (ISIL)?

Posted by: DavidMGold

  • Yes. Iran is a totalitarian Islamic Theocratic Regime that was behind terrorist attacks on US embassies and other installations killing several hundred, the kidnapping/torturing of US officials and citizens, is responsible for the deaths of over 1,100 US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, continues arming/financing the Taliban against US forces in Afghanistan, harboring/sponsoring Al Qaeda, and conducting cyberattacks in 2012 on American companies in the Persian Gulf in addition to firing rockets at US vesse

  • No. The US is big enough to take the hits and killing Americans does not merit another war in the Middle East. The Jews can fend for themselves and Israel shouldn't exist anyway. Obama's historic deal, following in the great tradition of Democratic Presidents, prevented Iranfrom nuclear weapons as Bill Clinton did in North Korea.

78% 14 votes
22% 4 votes
  • It is ridiculous to not stand up against ISIL they are killing Americans and our allies, preaching hate against us and terrorizing their homes with Islamic extremism. and to say Israel shouldn't exist is stupid. The Jewish people have one very small country and there are about 50 Muslim-majority countries Israel is pinned up against a wall with the rules from the United Nations. Isreal faces the threat of Radical Islamic terrorism every day not to mention the rising power of Iran. We should destroy ISIL but do it in a way that radical Islamic terrorism never happens again.

  • the menace has to be stopped

    Posted by: Vlad00
  • I'm American and I think Iran is fine now but, I respect these soldiers. 😀

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Iacov says2017-04-24T13:50:09.1683220Z
Oh dear god the amount of bias......
Swindenland says2017-04-24T16:28:49.3023220Z
ISIS is the self-proclaimed terrorist state in Syria and Iraq. Lebanon is a democratic, but rather unstable republic. Iran is a islamic republic. Also the US is allied with Israel in case of an attack. Next time check the facts.
LuciferWept says2017-04-24T17:04:07.5416027Z
It's in Iraq not Iran. So some goddam research, OP!
DavidMGold says2017-04-24T21:18:19.2872027Z
Oh, the lack of substantive comments and arguments.
DavidMGold says2017-04-24T22:08:31.0410165Z
Swindenland, we're very aware of Daesh and their attempt to revive the Islamic Caliphate beginning with Syria and Iraq. Lebanon is controlled by Iran through its Hezbollah terrorist proxies, which are funded ($100-200 million) directly by Tehran and one of the most well armed terrorist groups in the entire world. The subservient position of Lebanon as an Iranian satellite was a stated goal of Hezbollah and recently reiterated by Naim Qassem. Iran is a theocracy ruled by the "supreme leader" who is the commander and chief, chooses the heads of military and other "security organizations, chooses the head of the judiciary, chooses the heads of State-run Media, chooses Presidential candidates with along with Mullahs (Half of whom he appoints to the council) making it clear that your wiki rendition of Iran isn't a refutation or an elaboration. Also, the US "ally" under Barack Hussein Obama, under his treasonous Nuclear Deal, led Tehran to boost funding to Hezbollah and Hamas directly contributing to their terrorist attacks. 15 & liberal; facts aren't your strong suit and thanks for playing. Next!
DavidMGold says2017-04-24T22:11:27.1806165Z
LuciferWept, we're talking about the Islamic State in Iran, not their sunni rivals in Iraq.
TheDragon5 says2017-04-27T15:26:53.4895252Z
Isn't ISIL the Islamic State of IRAQ and the LEVANT?

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