Should the United States switch to the Metric System?

Posted by: Warik

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Mister_Man says2014-12-18T18:47:56.7080012-06:00
The only reason I'm saying no is because they're already used to the Imperial system, switching it up would be incredibly hard. I wouldn't want to switch from Metric to Imperial. It would kind of help everyone else in the world though, since America is like the only country on Earth that uses the Imperial system, lol
Subutai says2014-12-18T19:51:50.1355546-06:00
@mishapqueen: The metric system is really easy to understand. Everything is in increments of 10, and there's only one unit for mass, length, and volume.
Max.Wallace says2014-12-18T19:56:46.8089661-06:00
The metric system is for idiots, as it is stupid simple. Just count your fingers and multiply or divide........Do not bother thinking in fractions, those are to difficult for yer pea brains!!!!!!!!!!!!11
mishapqueen says2014-12-18T21:32:16.1752531-06:00
Yeah, it's technically easy, but I keep getting mixed up, lol. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. XD
Bwacit says2014-12-19T00:46:30.0560328-06:00
I m saying yes only because we are the only country not using the metric system, and it would make traveling and conversions a lot easier
Max.Wallace says2014-12-21T19:28:10.6258787-06:00
Fractions are so damn difficult, and humans are so damn stupid, why would the THEY's ever allow such folly?
Mister_Man says2014-12-21T20:03:44.8520351-06:00
"stupid simple" - yeah isn't that kind of the point? 10mm in a cm? 100cm in a meter? 1000 meters in a kilometer? Overall easy to remember stuff. I mean if you memorize imperial it'll be easy too, but right off the bat seeing 10, 100, 1000 is a lot better than seeing 12, 3, 1760, right?
Max.Wallace says2014-12-23T17:50:32.5800599-06:00
It is a lot easier for the corporate tyrants of the masses, the big bean counters, to train the masses with the metric system and enslave them, and sit back and push the buttons that makes the world turn for them.
Max.Wallace says2014-12-29T20:14:58.6273082-06:00
Imbeciles, unable to think use the simplest system, called metric.
Max.Wallace says2015-01-04T18:48:34.3622253-06:00
The metric system is a system for monkeys. Grow a brain cell and attempt to use fractions, unless simple is all you can do.
Max.Wallace says2015-01-06T18:43:23.1816782-06:00
The metric system will make you a smarter tool, so go use it.
Max.Wallace says2015-01-08T20:01:00.9324689-06:00
I cannot comprehend those damn fractions so I chose metric tyranny.
Max.Wallace says2015-01-08T20:01:34.8168099-06:00

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