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DavidMGold says2017-05-16T08:12:03.5928255Z
The United States has an entire Department of State with a nearly $50 billion budget and tens of thousands of employees complete with diplomatic missions and embassies in almost every country on earth. The United Nations is US funded debacle, a democracy of tyrannies as demonstrated by the Communist voting bloc kicking out the Republic of China and replacing it with the People's Republic of China, which carried out a genocide against 45 million people or the Communist and OIC (Organizationfor Islamic Cooperation) voting blocs voting to declare Zionism is racism. The US pays more than 176 other members combined on regular budget and pays more than 185 members combined on peacekeeping...For one of the worst ranked among aid agencies, engaged in massive fraud and corruption, fails to respond to 80% of attacks during peacekeeping missions, allows rampant sexual exploitation by UN personnel, grants broad legal immunity to UN personnel against civil and criminal liability, and the UN generously pays salaries 32% above what their US counterparts make. It is borderline insanity to believe the United States should host and fund this farce. The UN HRC has only one permanent agenda year after year against one nation in the world: Israel. In fact, the UNRWA, supposed to be a temporary agency has managed to stretch itself out for over 70 years now as well as stretching out the definition of a refugee to include descendants to the Nth generation (until Israel is destroyed) while flouting the goal of the UN HCR that handles real refugees by rapidly resettling them and has gone on to become a health care provider, an education provider (scrubbing the Holocaust out of history and providing halal heil Hitler curriculum on the Jews), and even has a Microfinance Department to fund businesses...To any Arab that claims to have lived in Israel prior to 1948 for two years and don't dare ask them how many students they have because they say that's impossible to quantify (and they didn't know Hamas had rockets in the storage closet)...Essentially cementing jizya (from the US, EU, & Japan) payments and zikat (alms from Saudi Arabia, UAE) funding a permanent Jihadist encampment against Israel. Cut all funding and turn the UN building into the new Israeli embassy.

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