Should the US government make freedom of bare arm law illegal?

Posted by: FPSKorea1

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Owning personal guns should stay legal.
22 votes


Owning personal guns should be illegal.
13 votes
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ButterCatX says2015-10-06T11:17:49.1835154Z
First off, it is not a law it is the constitution(the unbreakable set of rules) and it is protected by two amendments.
TN05 says2015-10-06T13:22:56.4696195Z
Everyone should have to wear Burkas. There is no reason for a freedom to bare arms.
BIGC says2015-10-06T14:09:07.1921016Z
Its in the constitution!!!!!! Of course not!
BIGC says2015-10-06T14:09:34.5640040Z
Its in the constitution!!! Of course not!!
Heterodox says2015-10-06T14:32:54.5148307Z
Well with how the constitution is ignored and/or manipulated...Wouldn't surprise me one bit if eventually they made it so difficult that it would be like it wasn't even there.
TBR says2015-10-06T16:04:56.2742369Z
Well, the question is a wreck - its not a law, and the answers are reversed, right? If you want to re-ask the question, frame it in a constitutional one. Repealing the 2nd amendment

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