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No, I'm tired of the US invading everything!

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Maybe enforce a no fly zone and a few missile strikes, but definitely no troops being deployed

11 votes

Take out Assad and then leave, easy as that

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Full on invade it

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cokeoffahookersback says2013-09-03T13:50:18.5392270-05:00
Why does America assume it has the right to act as judge and jury?
imabench says2013-09-03T13:51:13.3541341-05:00
Because its military is unmatched :P
cokeoffahookersback says2013-09-03T13:57:46.8918490-05:00
Yet its civil rights, attempts at democracy, morals are feeble and dubious?
imabench says2013-09-12T14:54:40.2188389-05:00
Aww they censored my answer! F*ckin bullsh**
raghavKdua says2013-09-12T14:56:27.6737053-05:00
Even Assad's regime used those chemical WMD,then also USA do not have any right to attack Syria because Syria have'nt broken any international Law.The law by UN which governs the use of chemical weapons states that no chemical weapons should be used against any other country.It does not states anything about using chemical weapons against rebels or protesters.
TheWoodOre says2013-10-14T16:06:45.7954645-05:00
I think the UN would say you can't use chemical weapons AT ALL.
MasturDbtor says2014-12-09T21:38:41.8760034-06:00
When I posted my "no" answer it was earlier on in the Syrian Civil War. Things are different now. ISIS is a new Taliban. They can not be allowed to get permanent control of a state. They need to be stopped.

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