Should the US Military Intervene in Syria?

Posted by: TheMicahWillShow

Syria's civil war has killed hundreds of thousands and used chemical weapons.

  • Yes

  • No

24% 4 votes
76% 13 votes
  • None of our business, why should the U.S. stick its nose in everything? The U.S. can ask the U.N. to intervene, since I believe the U.N. has the authority to do so, but the U.S. has no right to be there.

    Posted by: Nyx999
  • I'm a huge war hawk, but I'm not for supporting al Qaeda.

  • The U.S. should not intervene with Syria. Though the Syrian government is gassing their own people, and committing horrendous murders, it does not justify sending more people away from their families to fight a war that is not their own. They're going to send troops who narrowly survived Iraq and Afghanistan, right back into a cruel war-zone. We need to stop solving other countries' problems and solve our own. The economy is in crisis, we owe huge debts to China and other countries. We can't afford to start another war. Obama is like Bush all over again.

    Posted by: Howwie
  • China and Russia warned us not to.

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