Should the US minimum wage be $15?

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Episteme says2015-04-16T19:35:35.7292704-05:00
Ooh. This is tricky! Now, $15 per hour in some areas would not actually make it that much easier to live in certain areas. For example - in New York the living wage for one adult would be $12.75 per hour - while for two adults it goes up to $17 per hour. However, in say, North Carolina, two adults could actually live off of $14 per hour. Http://livingwage.Mit.Edu/places/3606151000 http://livingwage.Mit.Edu/states/37 In State's such as North Carolina, paying ones employees $15 might not be feasible for that individual business. However, in New York, it probably would be feasible because a number of companies should already provide at least $12.75 per hour just to live in New York. I think that the minimum wage should be dependent on the state (or even the county) and not necessarily a one price fits all idea - since each business will simply have different resources to provide to its employees.
Trustmeinlying says2015-04-17T13:30:18.8893822-05:00
@Stefy My father and step-mom make 20 dollars an hour for making driveshafts. People at big Fast food places don't need 20 dollars for doing nothing but flipping burgers and fixing bags. Compared to other jobs that actually need you to have skill they should be happy with the money they get for such an easy job.
Jack_D says2015-05-11T01:01:13.0586201-05:00
Min wage should be increased gradually. But establishing an number this high too quickly is a bad idea.
DemonPup says2015-08-05T17:41:02.6850967Z
In 1938, Franklin D. Roosevelt passed a bill for minimum wage at 25 cents an hour. So by 2014 with the general inflation, the amount would equal to $4.20 per hour for a minimum wage http://www.Forbes.Com/sites/timworstall/2015/08/04/the-7-most-dangerous-myths-about-a-15-minimum-wage/

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