Should the US put sanctions on countries which execute/imprison people for being gay?

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PapaNolan says2014-12-12T14:30:45.2468778-06:00
Sadly there are too many
atheist-eo says2014-12-12T15:31:59.9902083-06:00
Is that why the US doesn't punish extremist countries in the World like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea or Somalia? 'The world should not be policed' ? Whilst people gets murdered? By their own government?
atheist-eo says2014-12-12T15:32:19.4586339-06:00
Shouldn't** not doesn't
debate_power says2014-12-12T15:38:03.1668240-06:00
@atheist The U.S. does not control the world by the agreement of all countries, and there are countries that have not entered an alliance with it by agreement. Thus, it has no right to intervene in sovereign nations' affairs unless those sovereign nations pose a threat to the U.S. This in theory. In practice, the U.S. has intervened in nations even when they have not directly threatened it. What's more, considering the effects of its interventions in other countries, particularly disadvantaged ones, I should think that the U.S. doesn't have good intentions, in general, when it intervenes, but self-serving and questionable ones.

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