Should the USA remove troops and cut ties to South Korea after the election of Moon Jae-in?

Posted by: DavidMGold

  • Yes. America must send a clear message to South Korea that if they want to embrace kooky left wing radicals who call for ties with the crackpot Communist Dictatorship, the US will not risk our soldiers or billions of dollars.

  • No. Hopefully South Korea will come to its senses and the US must hold the line even as South Korea embraces destructive policies while sending the worst possible encouragement to North Korea.

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83% 5 votes
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Swagnarok says2017-05-09T20:15:50.3381057Z
Ultimately, South Korea is its own country. If they don't want to take a hardline against North Korea that's their choice. We only have a right to act as far as they threaten us and our other major ally in the region (Japan), if South Korea is unwilling to confront the North. Hopefully, though, Moon Jae-In will prove to be a sane individual who recognizes the dangers posed by the North Korean nuclear program. Trump said a lot of crazy **** about NATO but he ultimately took a moderate stance, and maybe Moon will too.
reece says2017-05-09T21:28:23.8769057Z
Would you really want to provoke a nuclear armed 'crackpot Communist Dictatorship'?
Gareth_BM says2017-05-09T21:44:40.1561057Z
He's centre left not a left wing radical and he's not suggesting we all give hugs and kisses to the north Koreans just ensure that nuclear war doesn't happen.
MasturDbtor says2017-05-10T06:53:25.0726619Z
None of the above. I think that the election of Moon is positive. I think that it will help to defuse tensions. N Korea must NOT be allowed to develop an ICBM. That much is clear, and Moon understands that. But Moon will be better able to strike a reconciliatory tone. Perhaps a deal can be struck where N and S Korea normalize trade relations. Kim wants glory, what better way than modernizing N Korea's economy?
DavidMGold says2017-05-16T06:00:32.6604255Z
MasturDbtor, there's nothing positive about Moon's election and it couldn't have come at one of worst times in the history of South Korea while it will definitely embolden North Korea and how you can imagine Moon will prevent an ICBM after the North just fired one into the ocean demonstrates a new height in political fiction. The fact that you suggest lifting sanctions as a solution leads me to hope that you do not vote.

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