• Yes

  • No

30% 30 votes
70% 71 votes
  • Yes they are placing kids under 18 on trial as adults they deserve representation on the executive level.

  • This is a controversial idea. The argument for yes is that, with a world where progress is happening at an ever increasing rate, we need fresh young minds to work on the problems of tomorrow, giving input into our politics if need be. However, there is an age where people are not educated enough to make such decisions, and may just give more votes to their parents. The lowest possible age without being an uneducated voter, is unknown and would depend on which person, education system, values... that that person has grown up with. Currently my stance is yes, as the world is moving faster and faster, and we need to react with fresh ideas, also there was no neutral option.

  • Many 16 are educated and should have a say. Also I think there should be a maximum age for when you are allowed to vote because their views may be outdated and if they are very old, they might not even live long enough for it to affect them

  • im 13 and more educated on abortion(bad) and LGBT rights (good) than most

  • why should the voting age be lowed to 16 i will tell you why. The voting age should be 16 years old because you can bet. This is why you should to lower the voting age to 16 thank you

  • Uninformed hooligans could vote unfairly

  • People are dumb, we should have a dictatorship instead.

  • Look, millenials are very dumb, it's because they support corrupt democrats.

  • 16 year olds know nothing about anything when it comes to politics.

  • Even though if they may have a good reason in choosing a candidate for president, as I once was when I was sixteen, they are not yet adults. If they do not live by themselves, have the ability/privilege of owning firearms, own their own homes or apartments, use their bank accounts, have the ability to serve in the military, pay taxes, or hold jobs, then they cannot vote as they are not independent or other reasons I listed, as an eighteen year old can have.

  • If anything we should be raising the age limit, not lowering it. Honestly I think you should have to pass an I.Q. test before being allowed to vote.

  • Opinions are what politics are. Jesus, someone please tell me that Britney who just got dumped is so pissed off that she's gonna start a referendum for chad to be killed.

  • Kids brains are undeveloped.

  • This is an awful idea. The fact is, the human brain isn't completely sand truly developed until you're in your 20's, so having a SIXTEEN year old people voting, when they're main motivations are celebrities and hashtags would be a simply tragic

  • Since it is now common knowledge the frontal lobe is turned off during these development years until the early to mid 20's, and our educational system is brainwashing our youth to the point they believe communism is better than freedom, it should be clear to everyone with a functioning developed frontal lobe that 16 is way too young to be casting votes that could impact the world, for years to come.

    Posted by: SciQA
  • The majority of 16 year old's depend on mainstream media and fake news sources for their thoughts. If mainstream media didn't alter the reality of politics and every individual 16 year old had a legitimate standing for what they believe in. I would agree that they should lower the voting age. However, with social media brainwashing teens and impacting their political thoughts, I believe this would only lead to corruption.

  • As someone who has been in high school, 16 year olds are very stupid

  • No adult in his right mind goes to a 16 year old for advice. Why would we leave the direction of our country in the hands of children? At 16 we aren't fully developed, And cannot possibly understand the real world living in home supported by others.

  • teenagers are stupid and a lot blindly follow whatever is liberal

    Posted by: Dezeya
  • Definitely not because a 16 year old is not mature enough to do something like vote.

  • Teenagers have a tendency to make irrational decisions.

  • I'm sixteen years old right now. While I would most certainly like to vote, I know that there are many uneducated people my age in my state who would vote purely based on whoever they were told to vote for. I am one of those people. Eighteen is good enough.

  • As a 15 year old, No. People my age are usually very unaware of politics and/or brainwashed by their millennial parents.

  • No way! I was stupid when I was 16!

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Fiasco says2018-06-14T13:14:29.5741345Z
As much as I would enjoy voting earlier, I think most people my age aren't very prudent. I would much rather trust the votes to people who are older and wiser.
smokey0990 says2018-06-21T19:28:13.8666617Z
Many 16 year old's think they are educated, that does not make it so. I have yet to meet a single 16 year old who I would trust with anything, including people I met when I was 16 years old. Placing a maximum age-limit on voting would be ridiculous. Age breeds experience, experience breeds wisdom, not always knowledge. But those who refuse to heed the wisdom of older generations, will inevitably make the same mistakes as previous generations.
John_C_1812 says2018-07-06T13:09:38.5860439Z
The question needs to be asked in a Constitutional fashion. Should the voting age be lowered to allow repetition of those people who are convicted as young adult to serious crimes? Voting is a process of experience, legally if only a portion of 16 year olds are by fact charged as adult. All 16 year olds should be repressed before the Executive office. At the least we are describing the emancipated 16 year old.
Foolishseeker says2018-09-02T18:06:24.9125411Z
16 year olds are too busy in fantasy land playing video games that’s reality to them and dealing with online pornography still need maturity and studies they might be computer tech savvy but that’s it mum does everything for them they’d probably vote for megatron or some video Bandass dude
tristanboyles says2018-10-13T18:47:26.3563420Z
16 years-old's haven't had haven't had a government or economics class and rarely understand how the government works and would thus make uninformed decisions based on what their friends and teachers believe rather than themselves.

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