Should the Walt Disney Company continue building more and more Disney Resorts?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

The Walt Disney Company, probably one of the largest companies in the world, is famous for its Disney Parks and Resorts. It so far has 5 Resorts with one more on its way in Shanghai! Should it continue spreading like this?

  • Yes it should continue building theme parks (maybe to the point where it will be considered an empire)

  • No, it should stop building theme parks and just leave it the way it is (maybe possible closures of theme parks)

67% 4 votes
33% 2 votes
  • Nope, paris has been running at a loss for years now! it seems they're only keeping it open so people can see experience Disney near us... improve the existing ones before adding even more second rate parks.

  • Not cancel them, just improve them, like adding Spain or other countries to Epcot. Like how they added Fantasy Land with Seven Dwarves ride.

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