Should the Washington Redskins Change Their Name?

Posted by: Gibby97

  • Yes

  • No

23% 6 votes
77% 20 votes
  • Keep the name. We live in a over sensitive society.

  • No because then the White Sox should have to change there name and The Cleveland Browns, the White house and other should have to change there names

  • the coach and 2 players were native american when this anme was decided

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tajshar2k says2015-08-04T18:22:40.9502215Z
What do the public want?
Plastix says2015-08-04T18:36:05.6657799Z
Yes, because all professional leagues in sports need some tribe to keep the names cool if they did change there name it should be Blackhawks, Samurai or something that is an ancient group!
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-04T19:08:30.6611329Z
@Plastix Samurai?? Youre offending someone out there by using samurai too im sure. Maybe we should just make them all crayola colors (barring black white yellow and red, since people tie those to races and a matchup would be offensive). J/k But cyan team vs magenta team ... Woo hoo ... Football is so much more fun with political correctness!
PericIes says2015-08-28T03:54:15.4129800Z
Plastix, your avatar is offensive to people who wear suits, and I demand in the name of political correctness that you change it.
PericIes says2015-08-28T03:55:23.4779536Z
Plastix, your avatar is offensive to people who wear suits, and I demand, in the name of political correctness, that you change your avatar to a less blatantly offensive image.
PericIes says2015-08-28T03:55:49.8265225Z
Sorry for the double post. The website has been weird about that lately.

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