Should the West interfere in Syria?

Posted by: wmatychuk

Rebels, Assad, or neither?

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Ignore it

You could choose this because (a) This isn't America's problem (b) We're too poor to deal with it right now. (c) I don't think we should be supporting the Taliban (the rebels.) (d) It might just end up as a failed attempt, like Iraq and Afghanistan....  (e) Othe   more
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Threaten to attack if more chemical weapons are used.

Chemical weapons are an absolutely atrocious weapon. They should never be used, and Assad should be punished if he uses them. However... This response may prompt the rebels to use chemical weapons on the very people they're fighting for and pin it o... n Assad. That could drag us in to something we don't want to be in   more
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Invade now!

What Assad did is unacceptable! He needs to learn from his mistakes, and we don't want to see any more innocent people killed or displaced.
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Support Assad

This is a religious answer. Neither Assad nor the rebels are the good guys here. The rebels are Taliban, and Assad is a dictator. However, Assad was protecting the Christians in Syria, how do we know that the new leader will?
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Give more weapons to the rebels

Every army needs ARMS, right? If we give the rebels more, it will assist them against Assad.
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