Should the world be unified?

Posted by: PossibleTruths

Should the world be unified into one country or not

  • Yes

  • No

35% 9 votes
65% 17 votes
  • Yes! New world order! As long as I'm emperor of the world. If elected, I shall despotically enforce a feudal system that establishes Black-Christianity as the only acceptable religion and places black people on top like lords. When asked, you must state you love and respect me or you will be crucified. VOTE BLACK-JESUS FOR WORLD EMPEROR!!!

  • At least certain laws wouldn't be country specific. It's weird to think that an LGBT couple is married in Ireland but not married in the United Arab Emirates. It's weird that the dealth penalty and abortion laws differ country to country and state to state. Aren't there some ethical truths that are universal regardless of where you're from? I guess the problem might be that you can't have the same environmental laws that apply to a desert and apply them to a forest. Certain things need to be area specific.

  • People who vote for no dont realise there are multiple stages of global unification. You have to think the way to unification logically. The world would be 1 big country with different states that have the same constitutional roghts but may have small differences in laws. Right now the only big problem in the way of unification is Islam, a religion. If we somehow get to eliminate almost all extremists wich pose a threat to someome elses life and bring the country to a maximum security standard (spying to obtain information about the way people act) and succesfully opress all extremist riots we could make islam a peaceful state. There are already a lot kf countries who would join a global country.around the world(some.countries from south america europe etc. Statistically unification could be the best decision for humans in long term

  • In a way we already do. Not completely connected, but we all follow world powers, and have for millenia. Inevitably, some country will take it's place, wither by force, or when the world power becomes corrupt and falls to chaos. And then the process repeats. It's worked well so far.

  • With an Imperial government that is elected democratically. Including a Democratically elected Emporer. Each current nation should become a domain within the Empire with its own federal government. Each Domain should elected a Prime Minister and MP's for a parliament. All provinces and states of all nations should remain provinces and states with elected governors or Premiers and elected MLA's. Municipal governments with elected Mayors and Councillors should also remain. The Imperial government should maintain full control of Military and Nuclear forces in order to avoid war between domain/nation states. Federal Governments should maintain control of smaller armed forces for internal protection. Federal should also maintain agencies for crime prevention and terrorist prevention (ex. FBI,RCMP,FSB). Provincial and state govs. Should have state police forces and national guard bases. Municipalities of large enough size should maintain police departments. All levels will exercise various authorities to create laws and enforce them. The Elected Emporer should be allowed to be elected without term limits until voted out by the world population. The Emporer is subject to impeachment I'd necessary. Space programs will be handed over to the Imperial Gov.

  • I want my genocides to be carried out with a backdrop of even worse things.

  • I wan't a one world order with each country acting as a state.

    Posted by: reece
  • No. Because it would be unified for all of the wrong reasons and not as one big happy family.

    Posted by: Najs
  • People Come from many different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. if we were to be unified, riots and wars would break out because no one would be able to get along, and the world would split just as fast as it was unified.

  • The world runs on business. Compare a Japanese businessman's view of business relations with that of an American businessman and you will see that the two views are incompatible. If America annexed Japan or if Japan annexed America, the business system of the annexed country would struggle with the rules and regulations of the annexing country. Now imagine the entire world. What a mess that would be.

    Posted by: Shield
  • We don't need unification to work together and live peacefully.

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Black-Jesus says2015-06-25T15:30:55.2876522-05:00
Wait, what are we talking about?
Black-Jesus says2015-06-25T15:31:34.3906012-05:00
Oh, unified globe? Yeah, sure, it'll probably reduce wars and promote cultural integration and communication
Black-Jesus says2015-06-25T15:31:53.6795751-05:00
And whatnot
PossibleTruths says2015-06-26T01:56:32.8761808-05:00
We are talking about global unification.
PossibleTruths says2015-06-26T01:57:43.9043467-05:00
@reece : That still counts as a unified globe. One big country with different states wich obey the exact same constitution but may have slighly different rules based on tradition and stuff.
reece says2015-06-26T02:17:44.3679860-05:00
@PossibleTruths I'm not happy with saying it's one big country. I would find it better to say it's a global civilization.
Episteme says2015-06-26T05:14:05.1417046-05:00
@Shield - Japanese business people and American business people both want to make a profit. That's quite a unifying idea within all businesses. Why is that even an argument against a unified global government? I know there are nuances in dealing with businesses in one country to another - but those nuances are still unified via the goal of making money. Why have a business if you don't want to make a profit?
PossibleTruths says2015-06-26T14:45:51.4847565-05:00
@reece that doesnt really matter. We have plenty of time to think about names
PossibleTruths says2015-06-26T14:47:36.7321309-05:00
@Roodvlees : The past thousand of years show me otherwise. As long as there are countries with different constitutions and almost completley different ways of seeing things we will not have peace.

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