Should the world invest research into making the populace immortal?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Immortality is a tricky thing, but it may be possible with enough research. Should we try? If you choose a "yes" answer, the "gift" will obviously be optional, presuming everyone or most can have it.

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No, I want to die eventually

I would like to die eventually. I want to be reunited with loved ones in the afterlife and/or know what the afterlife is like (if there is one at all). Life will lose it's purpose if I live too long and being immortal wouldn't make me feel...Human.
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Yes, but only to prevent death from natural reasons such as aging and diseases

Some people don't want to die, they may want to live forever. Maybe we can make it so that we are like the Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish, and can "rebirth" at and to a certain age anytime we want. If this happens then all diseases won'... t affect us as well. However, we still should be able to die by physical means   more
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Yes, we should try to make ourselves immune to all forms of physical harm.

Some people just don't want to die, at all. We should all be completely immortal and only confinement can permanently stop those who seek to do the world harm, but why would it matter? None of us can be harmed. We can spend an eternity with our love... d ones, never having to deal with loss   more
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Yes, but only certain people should be able to become immortal

Immortality can obviously be abused, thus it shouldn't be universally distributed. There should be a certain criteria in order for someone to get this vaccine or genetic modification. We can't let the monsters of our society get their hands on this ... gift   more
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No, don't tread into this territory

We are made to be able to die. If you're human and you can't die then you are a monster. This is a violation of nature and/or God. Any attempt at making a human immortal should never happen and be stopped immediately.
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No, you can't cheat death

People should be able to die and that's the end of it. Granting immortality to someone, anyone, should never be done. We have more important things to focus on.
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No, the abuse would be too much

Criminals and those with a foul mind always end up getting their hands on things we don't want them to have. This could prove dangerous and some people may abuse their immortality by harassing others.
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Yes, but we should vote on who can be immortal

The general populace should not be allowed to have this gift. Perhaps it would be best if we voted for who should be able to live forever. Maybe we can make this person our leader and we would never have to worry about someone corrupt killing them o... r replacing them. We could also choose to have a small immortal army. Those who would always be sent out to prevent any deaths and to keep the peace   more
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reece says2014-07-08T23:24:26.5950681-05:00
There would be other problems we would have to solve first before the time of immortality comes...
PetersSmith says2014-07-08T23:26:22.5192558-05:00
Reece: Choose "no, you can't cheat death" for that one. Notice the last sentence.
PetersSmith says2014-07-08T23:29:38.8298629-05:00
Vere_Mendacium: I mentioned that it can be refused, but I don't think you can take back immortality. The entire thing is hypothetical, but I could be wrong.
reece says2014-07-08T23:48:58.1577078-05:00
PetersSmith: Oh lol..But anyway i was thinking more like steps we would have to take to achieve immortality successfully.
PetersSmith says2014-07-08T23:51:52.1298729-05:00
Reece: You'll never know...Just choose an option that you would want should science focus on a certain aspect of immortality (or not at all).
reece says2014-07-08T23:59:32.7674429-05:00
PetersSmith: sorry i'm going to let this one pass...
Formerland1 says2014-07-09T01:03:13.6075829-05:00
If we become immortal it would be logical to scrap physical bodies altogether and go for robotic ones instead .
perfectjfl says2014-07-09T01:17:51.6396898-05:00
If people are immortal and we keep reproducing at the current rate, the resources will eventually run out and all humans will be dead. Even if we somehow manage to live without resources, the world will be over-crowed and there will be no space left for everyone. I think that if people choose to be immortal, they should give up their reproductive right. In other words, you either live indefinitely or you have children.
Preston says2014-07-09T09:29:06.7322119-05:00
What if I impregnate my wife and then become immortal, or I reproduce anyways
stevia333 says2014-07-10T07:55:07.7219377-05:00
NO because the earth would be unsustainable without population control primarily meaning birth control or eugenics, meaning that even if we could live forever there would be tons of suffering and if one were to choose to be immortal and they did not want to live anymore due to suffering & they wouldn't be able to change their minds. Now if the immortality is based on something reversable that defies the concept of living forever without peril, because if some unseen outside force reversed the conditions for you then there would still be risk for peril and hence you could still die. PERSONALLY THE PERK OF NOT BEING MORTAL AND NOT LIKE GOD IS THE FACT THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE!!! BASICALLY WE CAN KILL OURSELVES AND GOD CANNOT, if God is in the Abrahamic religious sense of the concept! So if too many people are immortal they will have to adapt and also live could get boring to the point of wanting to die but never being able to die. Immortality would just suck to live and ruin the sanctity of life depends on dying like #YOLO implies that life will end someday and you won't get it back.

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