Should there be a class in American public schools where studens can explore the japanese language and culture?

Posted by: Lucia-Ackerman

(this has very little to do with anime i promise!) the reason i am asking is because i kinda think just being taught the basic languages like french spanish (and in some cases latin)

  • Sure, it might be a good idea!

  • No, there are very little people who actually speak japanese in America

64% 7 votes
36% 4 votes
  • It should be an elective course, no one should be forced to learn about other languages or cultures.

  • I would have loved a class with anime!!!! This is coming from a 51 year old kid.

  • Why not the more the merrier. It's fun to learn things that are so trivial after you learned so much, you can actually put your knowledge into great things like having a conversation that you can relate or teach it to someone else that can make you feel like a senpai to them

  • I gonna have to say no, because there isn't an Iraqi Cultures class. But there are actually classes for chinese, japanese, and german classes, but not Iraqi.

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Lucia-Ackerman says2015-06-07T12:20:35.4994424-05:00
Before you vote no think about it (all you people born into English speaking families) how many times have you asked the adults (or older sibling(s) ) your family for help on your Spanish or French homework and no one can help you because they don't remember anything? So before you say "when are we going to use that kind of stuff" think about how often people generally use the language they learned in middle school through college.
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T12:51:49.2655040-05:00
Okay class. Today we're watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. Tomorrow, Boku no Pico.
CannedBread says2015-06-07T14:46:19.0396938-05:00
At my school district they had Japanese, I took Hebrew, and Spanish.
Najs says2015-06-07T20:46:31.2470324-05:00
As an elective.
Stefy says2015-06-07T22:33:20.8018907-05:00
There already is.
Lucia-Ackerman says2015-06-08T15:12:37.0941151-05:00
I meant nation wide.......*sigh* it seems I am not specific enough..... Still....
ashkan says2015-06-08T17:40:02.3862136-05:00
As an optional elective, or an ROP class. There is always the internet.
Midnight1131 says2015-06-08T17:54:00.6663047-05:00
Yeah, I wouldn't care if it was an online course, but if it was popular enough to survive as an elective then why not.

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