Should there be a Class in High School/College teaching the younger generation about Work Ethic?

Posted by: mgeiser

Being in the work place for the last 17 years we have noticed at our place of business it has been getting increasingly difficult to find employees who are willing to work hard for a living. A lot of people would rather collect welfare.

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TimothyLight says2015-02-11T12:20:58.0788508-06:00
I wouldn't have anything against it really. It seems like it would be a bit boring.
mishapqueen says2015-02-11T12:26:23.0293857-06:00
I doubt it would actually accomplish anything. You can't teach that sort of thing in a class.
Stefy says2015-02-11T18:47:26.0245846-06:00
Hardly anyone enjoys living and supporting a family in welfare. That is ignorant.

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