Should there be a election for a new president of the USA

Posted by: Diora

Should America change their leader due to his history and the attitude towards his wife of when she wanted a divorce but he threatened her if she did and due to mass killing should he really rule as he is inspiring the wrong to happen not the good

  • Yes

  • No

67% 12 votes
33% 6 votes
  • USA isn't a monarchy, It has multiple candidates and multiple(at least 2) political parties

  • The current president is stupid by building a wall because people can sneak on planes and hitch a ride over the wall

  • Yes. One which excludes the Democratic Party entirely, So there's no hatred during, And no childish tears, Following. In fact, Let's pretty much exclude Democratic candidates from Every election.

  • The current process has worked well for 2 1/2 centuries.

  • leftist but we should still do things the Democratic way. Can't we just replace this orange turd the right way in 2020?

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MitchV says2019-08-08T14:43:09.9112632Z
Go back to the troll farm.
Diora says2019-08-09T11:05:02.6972179Z
Anc2006 who says America doesn’t have the right to re-elect and it isn’t a monarchy because you don’t pick/vote for a monarchy they just take in line what’s theirs and who says he shouldn’t be out of office after all most of America hates him. We deserve rights it’s a free country and if we could we should get Hilary and if it ever was possible we should get Obama back.
WisdomWeapon says2019-08-13T02:48:18.5721658Z
The majority of American have chosen Trump to be their president. Whether you think the result should be differently or not is completely irrelevant, Because your in the minority. Yes, I think Donald Trump as a person is a complete bigot and entirely misogynistic, But I also recognise America has chosen him as their president. YOU CHOSE HIM.

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