• Yes

  • No

50% 8 votes
50% 8 votes
  • lets get dench!!!

  • But only if they were to also put high taxes on sugar, oils, dairy, alcohol,pure fruit juices, coffee, salt, MSG, processed foods, chocolates and anything else that is unhealthy. This is a very right wing policy however.

  • Taxes on foods are rediculus. Taxes on use of government owned businesses should be the only type of tax. :/

  • I don't think a small tax would stop people from eating unhealthy foods :/

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Kreakin says2014-06-23T17:58:13.2125317-05:00
Fat tax on what?
bennyboy2104 says2014-06-23T21:58:21.3028392-05:00
Yes, there should. The wide range of extremely unhealthy products at ridiculously low prices makes people feel as though there is no problem with buying them on a daily basis. It also makes these harmful products more accessible to children, who need healthy sustenance to support normal growth. An additional cost for these fat-filled products will make it clearer that they are a LUXURY, and should not be considered a right. In a society that struggles greatly with health care problems, it is the government's responsibility to step in and encourage people to make the right choices about what they consume in order to avoid negative health consequences.
wbirchall says2014-06-25T11:18:14.7187206-05:00
On fattening foods
Emilyc7328 says2016-05-11T10:48:53.0679848Z
We need to stop people being more obese.

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