Should there be a fine for not wearing a seatbelt?

Posted by: CatalyticConvertersRule

And if you do it three times, a thirty day jail term?

  • Yes. It makes the roads safer and people aren't getting the message.

  • No! Absolutely not!!!

60% 24 votes
40% 16 votes
  • It endangers other people

  • I believe we should have a fine for seatbelts. It will help the roads safer and no one gets hurt. I rather just get the fine, instead of being killed or majorly hurt.

  • I was going to say no, because if someone decides not to put on their seat belt, it's their choice, and they aren't necessarily endangering other drivers. But think about if your child were driving around with no seat belt on? Wouldn't you want them to get a fine to teach them a lesson? I know I sure would.

  • If that's what it takes for people to get it through their heads, yes. They don't only endanger themselves in a car accident, they endanger those inside the car, too.

  • If adult with full autonomy doesn't want to put on a seat belt , its his own personal responsibility, He should one deciding what kind of safety he should have..

  • Isn't that the drivers own safety risk and no one elses.

    Posted by: Modis
  • i would like to start by saying that there should not be a fine for not wearing your seetbelt but if you get hurt then that's your fault and you shouldn't be able to claim as much back of of your insurance. If you don't want to wear your seetbelt then that's your choice.

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Karar738 says2018-01-10T14:59:41.1584902Z
Yes but by not wearing a seatbelt you endanger other people
Debater022022 says2018-01-10T19:23:34.6337289Z
Kara738 understands that we need saftey like I do
Modis says2018-02-11T03:15:53.6245021Z
VeraProfitt It would only teach them a lesson if they got into some accident . A fine just angers you more and makes you do the exact opposite especially with younger guys. Bottom line its the drivers choice .
CatalyticConvertersRule says2018-02-14T12:09:32.3419243Z

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