Should there be a law about age concerning social media and video games?

Posted by: Fireknight726

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Alex_1523 says2014-04-22T11:25:47.6999855-05:00
Yes there should be a law cause there are many people pretending to be children and waiting for thee next predator. Also there're were 87% suicides since 2011/12.
DOOMILES says2014-04-22T11:26:49.0547855-05:00
Alex, what do the suicides have to do with ANYTHING?
Yetiman2141 says2014-04-22T11:29:17.1923855-05:00
Of Course They Should I believe it is important, as parents, to teach children about computers, technology, and the Internet. The best way for minors to learn, is to experience it first hand. Social media is almost an ingrained part of the American world, but it also must be taken seriously, and minors should make their first appearance on social media with the help and advice of a parent.
discomfiting says2014-04-22T11:33:21.3635855-05:00
@doomiles do you understand of what yetiman is saying because i don't
DOOMILES says2014-04-22T12:03:25.9403855-05:00
@Discomfiting Not exactly

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