Should there be a law allowing all citizens to carry swords? (Read description.)

Posted by: 1814Username

We allow people to carry guns. Why not allow people to carry swords. Trust me. Violence would go down every night if people had to face seeing themselves bleed.

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Yes. Allow people to carry swords.

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1814Username says2014-07-20T16:05:29.0737153-05:00
I have noticed this in America --- there are lots of keyboard heroes. People talk tough sitting behind a keyboard but when faced with real violence, the very same people would run away. People's attitudes dramatically change when they face death. All the BS we fight over, would go away overnight.
Preston says2014-07-21T07:35:57.2203673-05:00
We can carry swords... I don't think there's a law prohibiting it.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-21T14:13:44.1193373-05:00
1814username you have a lot of truth but the flaw is you forget that a lot of these people are on here as activists also, they usually won't back down in either.

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