Should there be a right to have bear arms (to have guns)

Posted by: Paul_The_Debater

  • Yes

  • No

83% 24 votes
17% 5 votes
  • not only do we have it so we can overthrow the government if it becomes twisted and overpowered, it can be used for selfdefense. I think if anything they should be regulated better. But taking the right away would be unconstitutional.


    Posted by: Dilara
  • Self-defense is a natural right. The right to have and bear arms is a logical extension of that right.

  • Shout down weak-fish leftist traitors.

  • There IS such a right in the United States, anyway. I've always been "a lover, not a fighter" so I never developed the skill or strength to fight well. I'm too fat and slow to be "a runner." I'm too old to heal well. I already HAVE a right to defend myself; the instinct to do so is evidence that God gave me that right and duty. Only the government stands in the way of ANYONE defending him or herself.

  • Rights do not exist insomuch as someone can take them away. I do not like the nannies in power regulating firearms though.

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TBR says2015-11-03T15:33:50.0339433Z
It is hard to answer as asked. There is no reason to have a right, not necessarily. Without the 2nd there would still be legal guns, just no constitutional right. So, no I don't think it is good or necessary as a right. I think the right has interfered with any rational handling of the law. Further, as a states decision, more granular laws could be developed.
AnonymousAR says2015-11-03T21:29:20.6664076Z
It should be allowed. The gun is not the thing that kills people, it's the people behind the gun. The laws should be stricter on how to get a gun and a better background check, but banning guns is just plain stupid considering most people own a gun for self defense.

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