Should there be a sequel written to the Manly Strong saga?

Posted by: EnemyAdensmith

87% of people who read my last story did not want a sequel to the story ‘Trial of Manly Strong Arms’ Well I am here to ignore your crying for me not to make another story because I don’t care. Without the continuation of this story, we will never know if Manly Strong Arms will fight through the Nazi/Government mix known as the Illuminazi’s ruled by the hellspawn Matt Demon. To that extent, we will not see Manly in his new outfit (This is because it is paper and not a picture).

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lyonsca says2015-03-05T16:07:02.2189505-06:00
No this story is a nightmare
EnemyAdensmith says2015-03-05T16:07:55.9324545-06:00
Then why did you keep on asking me for a copy and an auto graph?
lannan13 says2015-05-22T12:32:04.0208460-05:00
Never heard of it.

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