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Varrack says2015-05-09T19:15:51.8305701-05:00
Stefy, a history month is basically an appreciation month, and the other 11 months aren't devoted to white history like you say they are.
Stefy says2015-05-09T19:19:32.5466399-05:00
Yes they are. In school kida dont learn hardly anything about black history save for Martin luther king. But they could tell you almost anything about white history in this country. We do things to encourage knowledge of black history because it doesnt get as much emphasis as the rest of history. And know appretiantion and history are not the same thing
tommytom says2015-05-09T19:19:57.6350834-05:00
I don't think there should be a Black History month necessarily. I'm guessing you're referring to the recent "White Appreciation Day" controversy. I don't know how I feel about it; on one hand, whites have always been pretty... Powerful, while other races (primarily blacks) weren't, but on the other, not having one yet having one for other races is kind of unequal and holding us back from achieving better equality.
neoryan1 says2015-05-09T19:20:13.0374442-05:00
There shouldn't be any appreciation months. It's extremely ironic that we dedicate an entire month to the achievements of one group to promote their equality. We are all people, we are all equal. Dividing us into black and white is not a sign of equality.
Dilara says2015-05-09T21:38:41.3729069-05:00
Most whites didn't own slaves. In fact they despised it--for moral reasons as well as the fact that it drove the price of labour down. Why would a slave owner pay a fee white to work for him when he can have a slave do it for free?. Slavery didn't benefit most whites. Many even faught against it. My 5 times great grandfather voluntarily fought in the civil war because he was against slavery! Many whites did. Shouldn't we celebrate the people who helped free slaves. Once again most whites were poor farmers, factory workers and craftsmen who despised Slavery and didn't benefit from it. They came here on a 3 month voyage and started all over again through hard work. If you ask me that's something to celebrate. .
briantheliberal says2015-05-09T22:25:55.6518964-05:00
Everyday is "White Appreciation Month" so is pointless and unnecessary. Only a complete idiot ie a white supremacist, would believe something like this should exist.
58539672 says2015-05-09T22:49:30.2312318-05:00
Do white people really need a month dedicated to their race? I understand that blacks, hispanics, and other minorities have months dedicated to their race because their achievements can be swept under the rug sometimes, but this is mostly due to a majority of western civilization being dominantly white, so statistically white people are more likely to do important things. So since white achievements are so much more common, we here about them a lot more. Why dedicate a month to something if you already here about it on a daily basis? I don't think a white history month is wrong, but it is a bit redundant.
briantheliberal says2015-05-09T23:02:26.5605264-05:00
58539672, it's not that "white people are more likely to do important things" or that it is more common, it's just all you hear about because throughout history wealthy white people were taking credit for many of the achievements and innovations made by non-whites in most Western civilizations. Non-whites were often denied the ability to patent their ideas and inventions for example, leaving some white guy to steal what did not belong to them in the first place. This is just one of many reasons.
jaksunmadness says2015-05-10T02:21:57.1461890-05:00
Every month is white appreciation month. I mean is there mexican or asian appreciation month? St. Patrick, Christmas, Easter, Halloween... All white holidays
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T02:40:13.6157390-05:00
Jaksunmadness, Actually there are Hispanic and Asian heritage months, but I do understand your point. The reason they exist is because, like Black Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans and Asian Americans are underrepresented, and under-appreciated in our white dominated society. Most things in America cater to white Americans and having a month dedicated to non-whites is somehow supposed to combat this. However, they do not, and (some) white people have now found a new way to deny their privilege and complain about something that doesn't include them once again. That is why you hear a lot of crying about stuff like this.
Dilara says2015-05-10T08:11:20.2414682-05:00
Brian the liberal. Read my last comment where I talk about white history in America.
Stefy says2015-05-10T08:33:57.2050992-05:00
Dilara: Havung a black history momth is not the same thing as anti whit month. White people have their achievments celebrated all year round while black history is swept under the rug. Thats why they have a history month. To make sur that doesnt happen.
Renegader says2015-05-10T10:05:21.9494558-05:00
Brian, although it does not matter whatsoever, if you cant admit that whites have overwhelmingly been responsible for most significant discoveries and inventions, you are either deluded or believe revisionist history.
Stefy says2015-05-10T11:49:52.5434009-05:00
Rengader: That just shows how much white history is given favor over other races histories: White people didnt invent written language, any major religions, and the numeric system we use internationally today, astronomy, as well as a whole host of other major acvomplishments. Youre just proving our point. I dont understand why you and dilara are so dedicated to making sure white people are seen as completely benevolent and blameless and keeping other groups feom asserting themselves in anyway. Why do you see them as such a threat? Its a subconcious fear of losing power.
WNdebater says2015-05-10T14:28:57.5492372-05:00
Black accomplishments aren't swept under the rug. They are given special emphasis in public schools. We have to spend a month learning about the Harlem Renaissance, but spend exactly zero days on white culture of the time. We read articles about the first black man to own a TV network, but weren't even taught about the white guy who actually made the first TV. The reason why most of history class is about whites is because most of Africa didn't have recorded history before Europeans showed up. Almost every major figure in American history was white, which isn't surprising in a nation that has always been mostly white. Our history classes teach that whites have always victimized everyone else. They never mention the millions of whites enslaved by the Barbary pirates of North Africa or by the Ottomans. Anyone who thinks education is biased towards whites is ignorant to the differences between the history they teach and the truth.
Stefy says2015-05-10T14:36:28.9617577-05:00
We spend a special month on black history because the other 11 months are only white history.
WNdebater says2015-05-10T14:47:08.3082292-05:00
Stefy: Renegader is right. The alphabet was made by the Phoencians of modern-day Lebanon who were far more white than the Lebanese of the modern day. The arabs did create astronomy and the 0-10 system, but that is not a majority of science. Almost every one of the principals of chemistry was discovered by a white person (usually German or English). Newton did more for physics and calculus than every nonwhite who has ever lived combined. Leibniz made the other half of calculus. Most of geometry came from the Greeks. Who harnessed electricity first? Whites. Who invented the phone, TV, computer, internet, refrigerator, microwave, automobile, light bulb, internal combustion engine, aircraft, helicopter, machine gun, nuclear power, etc? Whites. This becomes even more impressive when you consider that whites comprise a small percentage of the world's population.
Dilara says2015-05-10T15:11:41.3179877-05:00
Stefy. Where did I say that black history month is an anti white history month? I think black history month is a great way to celebrate black culture and learn about the horrible things they endured as well as their acheivmenrs. You guys keep saying that because the other 11 months of the year are like white history month we don't need one. That's your expirience. In my expiroence going to a public school white history is often lied about to make it seem like we all benefited from racism (witch we didn't. Read my comment about white history) and make us feel guilty for what our ancestors faught against, didn't benefit from and had nothing to do with. With white history month we could Help people understand that most whites came here bravely for a new life, worked hard,faught against slavery and other injustices (like my ancestors) and took no part in the racist things in Americas history.
Dilara says2015-05-10T15:15:37.2344407-05:00
Stefy again. You sound ridiculous. No ones afraid that whites wil loose power. Stop with your straw man arguments. I'm 1/4 Asian. I'm trying to help people understand than most whites didn't take part in or benefit from racism in Americas passed. Some like my ancestors were abolitionists and faught against it. I want to educate people like you who use all whites as a scapegoat.
Dilara says2015-05-10T15:20:52.4056041-05:00
WN debater us right. Whites disproportionately invented most things. Like I said--stefy it's your experience that 11months of the year are white history month. Do you realize that the school you go to isn't representative of all american schools? In my schools all we learned about was imperialism, white flight, the Harlem Renaissance.. The summer before sophomore year we read raisin in he sun and cane river. We were taught more about blacks than whites.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T19:22:47.0062141-05:00
Dilara, I already read your comment. Clearly it wasn't worth responding to if I didn't respond to it in the first place. It has nothing to do with anything I said and doesn't refute my initial statement.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T19:25:52.1950012-05:00
Renegader, thank you for proving my point once again. You're obviously ignorant of history, science and philosophy and deluded by your own privilege and need to assert your false sense of superiority where it's not needed.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T19:47:27.5649048-05:00
And FYI, white people DID NOT "disproportionately invent most things". You're just proving once again my point about white people taking credit for things that didn't belong to them in the first place. You're just repeating the same bullsh-t you were brainwashed into believing because you're a product of the white supremacy that built the society we live in. Educate yourself, and maybe then we can have a rational discussion on this topic. Until then, your ignorance is irrelevant to me.
Dilara says2015-05-10T20:34:20.7153377-05:00
Brian. So you understand that most white people didn't benefit from the racist things that happened in America, didn't take part in those things, and came to America from Europe bravely is they could start a new life. Many came in the 1800s during the industrial revolution and worked long, hard and dangerous factory jobs. Others that came beforehand were farmers and craftsmen. 75.% of whites who came here between 1607 and 1776 were indentured servants who were treated horribly by their masters. Don't you think those people should be celebrated and not shamed for things that they fought against , had nothing to do with and didn't benefit from?. Couldn't we help people to understand that most whites weren't evil slave owners. I understand that your school probably went on and on about white peoples inventions and discoveries but just because your school was like that doesn't mean that all american schools are. In my school we spent almost a month learning about the Harlem Renaissance, we read books mostly by black authors and about black people (things fall apart, raisin ok the sun, cane river) and we went on and on about imperialism. Many ignorant people begun to believe that all whites benefited from racism witch is not true. Do you understand where I'm coming from.
Dilara says2015-05-10T21:37:11.1971073-05:00
Benhos. Slavery in America lasted 300 years not thousands of years. America hasn't even been around that long. And most whites didn't participate in slavery or killing the Indians. In fact slavery drove the price of labor down. A slave owner wasn't going to pay a european migrant to work for him when a slave could do it for free. This is one if the many reasons that most whites despised spavery. My 5 times great grandfather faught in the civil war to free slaves. If it wasnt for him and the other white abolitionists who faught in the civil war slavery wouldn't haves ended. Most whites were indentured servants, farmers and craftsmen. Indentured servants were often tarted terribly and were sometimes even kidnapped from Europe. Whites who came here in the 1800s were factory workers who worked long hard hours doing dangerous jobs. Please learn your history.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T22:21:50.7213483-05:00
Dilara, "So you understand that most white people didn't benefit from the racist things that happened in America" - Not true, they have and still do benefit from racism in America. It doesn't matter where your ancestors come from, when or how they got here, or what they did, if they are white they automatically benefit from white privilege. You deny this because you refuse to acknowledge the fact that you yourself also benefit from this, so you subconsciously twist and distort historical facts and reality and act as if white people can do no wrong when everyone knows, including yourself, that that's not true. It's being white that allowed my grandfather to be able to move in nice (white) neighborhoods, receive a quality education, get a decent job. Meanwhile, my black-Latina grandmother was marginalized into impoverish conditions, denied adequate housing because she wasn't white even though she worked hard and could afford it, and this affected my mother and all of her siblings and their children and so on. I am not saying all white people are racist, because that is far from the truth, although everyone is unconsciously biased in some way. I am saying that there is an established system of racial hierarchy in the world, and in America, white people are, and have always been, at the top of it. And all of this is evident based on our judicial system, educational system, job market, beauty standards etc. all of which is biased skewed to favor whites (and sometimes East Asians) more than anyone else. Denying it only worsens the issue, it doesn't make anything better or more "equal". This is what I am trying to get you to understand. But I know that I am speaking to deaf ears because you will completely disregard everything I am saying and bring up something completely irrelevant to all of the valid points I mentioned.
Wylted says2015-05-10T22:25:30.7876030-05:00
Yeah, even homeless people benefit from this stuff like Brian said, and they should feel sorry for upper middle class black folks who have a worse life than they do
Wylted says2015-05-10T22:31:08.9202782-05:00
I want to now take a moment to apologize to Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son. I'm sorry Jaden Smith that you started out with a worse life than me, and have a lower chance of making something of yourself as a result of it. If you turn into some millionaire actor, it is a result of your talent, and if I do it is a result of me having advantages in life that you didn't.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T23:01:11.6161330-05:00
Yeah nice deflection there Wylted, but your lack of critical thinking skills and blatant denial has failed you once again. I didn't say white people couldn't be poor or face hardships, because they do, but none of them are attributed to your race. Poor white people aren't poor BECAUSE they are WHITE. White people were never stigmatized and marginalized into poverty, unlike non-whites. There is a difference between racial privilege and socioeconomic privilege. Being impoverished is hard regardless of race, but when you're black it's even harder because you not only have being poor working against you, but your skin color is working against you as well. And because of this, it is even harder for a poor black person to break out of poverty than a poor white person. Will Smith came from nothing and managed to slip through the cracks and become a successful actor, and through nepotism, allowed his children to piggy back off of his success. But Jaden Smith is still 23 times more likely to get shot by a police officer than you, while unarmed. He would still be more likely to get convicted for a crime he didn't commit and if convicted is more likely to serve more time than you if you both committed the same crime. He is also more likely to be a victim of racial profiling than you, a white guy. So try again, because you sound ridiculous. Oprah is a good example of this. She also came from little to nothing, worked hard, managed to slip through the cracks and become successful. She delt with constant racial profiling and slurs throughout her career. Now she is a billionaire, one of the most successful women on the planet and STILL faced racial profiling while recently traveling and trying to purchase a handbag. - Wealth doesn't negate white privilege, but you tried.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T23:03:25.5942763-05:00
I also suggest you read this - since you are clearly ignorant on the subject. And next time you respond to me, try not resorting to petty straw man and red herrings.
Wylted says2015-05-10T23:09:18.4529382-05:00
Why don't you debate me that a black person is more likely to be unjustifiably killed by a cop? I know why. You know it's a lie. Black people are arrested more because they commit more crimes, except in the cases of drugs. With drugs they're arrested more often as a result of being more open about dealing and doing them. The only discrepancy in sentencing isn't between races. Though I hate the criminal justice system, because a lot of innocent people are coerced into pleading guilty, sentencing is handed down fairly between races. When black people get longer sentences, it's because they were more likely to have a prior record. I will however admit that generally speaking women get lighter sentences when all factors are taken into consideration, and that too many people male and female are behind bars. You can cling onto your beliefs all you want to Brian, but the one thing you won't do is debate them. You won't do it, because you know you're wrong. Generally speaking the law be it cops or judges treat blacks and whites equally.
Wylted says2015-05-10T23:11:06.1266016-05:00
Lol, did you know that later on Oprah apologized and admitted to lying about the handbag story? She is a wonderful woman I'm sure, but the specific story was meant to illustrate a point not to be taken as fact, as she later pointed out.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T23:19:19.6598617-05:00
Wylted, "Why don't you debate me that a black person is more likely to be unjustifiably killed by a cop? I know why." - No, actually you don't know why. I don't use the debate feature on this site anymore, especially after I lost my voting privileges. That is why I haven't debated in over a year. But it's clear you are full of sh-t because I never consented to or refused a debate with you in the first place. All recent evidence clearly shows that black men are in fact disproportionately killed by police more so than white men. Blacks make up 12% of the American population but black male teens make up almost half of all police killings. -http://www.Dailykos.Com/story/2014/10/11/1335737/-Propublica-Analysis-Young-Black-Men-21-Times-more-likely-to-be-Killed-by-Cops - So no, it's not a lie, you're just to daft to comprehend basic facts and statistics. Sentencing for crimes are also NOT fairly given between races. Black men get longer prison sentences for the same crimes. - - So continue to deny facts if you want to, but don't use the fact that I no longer debate as an excuse to claim a false victory, because it makes you look even more pathetic than you really are. You tried.
Wylted says2015-05-10T23:24:33.9931237-05:00
They're disproportionately killed by police, because the disproportionately give police a reason to kill them. It's not about race and only a racist would make it about race when the facts point to something different. Also as I explained when you take into account prior convictions, black men are given the same sentences as whites. They seemingly get longer sentences because of prior convictions.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T23:26:04.1601850-05:00
Also, where is the evidence about her lying about the handbag story? She never lied, the sales representative accused her of lying but there is not evidence that she actually lied. But, once again, you tried.
briantheliberal says2015-05-10T23:27:47.7136488-05:00
Again, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ? Also, they give them a reason? All of those unarmed black men give them a reason? Nice try.
Wylted says2015-05-10T23:30:45.5816562-05:00
Yes, most those unarmed black men have them a reason. If you get into a fist fight with a cop and he starts to lose knowing full well you don't have a gun he can kill you. Jesus Christ, study policy and the use of force continuum so you can know this stuff.
Wylted says2015-05-10T23:33:04.6012280-05:00
Also Oprah was trying to save face. She knows she lied, she mixed reality with fantasy to illustrate a point. Had she known people would realize what store she meant she wouldn't have mentioned. People really need to learn empathy skills so they can tell when somebody is trying to save face and decipher the truth better.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T02:01:59.3635937-05:00
"Yes, most those unarmed black men have them a reason." - One, bad grammar. And two, evidence. Where is the evidence proving this statement to be valid. You have yet to post one link to a source that supports anything you're saying. Why? Because it is not the truth. You know very well that your statements are nothing more than assumptions you made up to justify police killings against unarmed young black men. Police are not trained to kill ANYONE unless they are an immediate danger to them or someone else. Running away from the cops does not justify shooting someone dead, yet that is how many of these cases were uncovered, especially after police were required by law in some states to wear body cameras. In April 2015 alone, over 30 blacks were killed by police. That is only a 14% decrease compared to the previous month. And approximately 42% of black people killed by police are unarmed, as far as we know because cops have a reputation of tampering with evidence by planting weapons on dead bodies. You mean to tell me every last one of those unarmed blacks were killed legitimately and justifiably WITHOUT evidence? You assume that they had to do something to cause their own death. That's called racial profiling. This is one of the many issues facing minorities in our country, something whites don't have to endure because you have the privilege of being judged as an individual instead of a statistic. So thanks for proving my point yet again.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T02:04:08.5480218-05:00
And still no evidence about the Oprah situation either, which only leads me to conclude that you made that up as well. She never admitted to lying about her experience, because it happens a lot more than you think. Non-white celebrities get racially profiled ALL THE TIME.
Dilara says2015-05-11T06:16:25.2856482-05:00
Brian. I mean you understand that not all whites benefited from slavery and the killings of the native Americans . Like I said slavery drove the price of labour down (why would a slave owner pay a white to work when a slave can do it for free). On my mothers side my grandmother and her siblings suffered at the hands of the Nazis. They're Crimean Tatar a white ethnic group and they were taken from the Soviet Union on filthy wagons and brought to nazi labour camps where they worked for years. My grandmothers first baby died there from disease in those filthy camps. Now did they benefit from racism? No they suffered at the hands of the nazis. It's fair to assume that many whites in America might have benefited from racism but whites in other countries didn't. My grandmas blue eyes and brown hair didn't help her and my great aunts and uncles blonde hair and blue eyes didn't help them. Don't assume that someone benefited from racism until you know they're life story. Because they might have been slaves in nazi with camp.
Dilara says2015-05-11T06:16:51.1082966-05:00
*worj camps
Dilara says2015-05-11T06:17:12.4730461-05:00
Thegreatdebate98 says2015-05-11T11:49:29.0395900-05:00
There shouldn't even be a black history month, it's ridiculous. I understand we're dedicating it to the long history of black people being put down, however, many would say it's racist to have a white history month. If that's not a double standard, I don't know what is. It's just a race, by making a month dedicated to one, I think that's racist against black people and all races in general.
Dilara says2015-05-11T14:58:11.6318383-05:00
Brian. According to the a Fbi black men commit more crimes than white men. Therefor they are more likely to have confrontations with police because police men's jobs is to prevent crime and arrest criminals. That's why black men are more likely to get shot by cops. If the education system is improved and people commit less crime we could stop some of those deaths.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T18:08:20.7047561-05:00
Dilara, as expected you completely missed the point of everything I said and responded with something completely unrelated to any of the points I made. For one, benefiting from racism doesn't automatically equate benefiting from slavery, the two are not mutually exclusive, nor are they the same. We all know that slavery was abolished over 150 years ago, even though some wealthy, white families in the south today still have wealth accumulated from slave labor, that wasn't the point of what I said. And in response to what you said about your family suffering at the hands of the Nazis, while unfortunate, it also has nothing to do with anything I said. But it doesn't bring up a valid point how privilege changes and depends upon the society your live in. In your grandmother's case, she wasn't being stigmatized because she was white, she was being stigmatized because she wasn't German. Germans had ethnic privilege, and your grandmother and her family faced prejudice and horrid conditions because they did not. But that is beside the point, white people still benefit from racism everyday in America, and it doesn't matter what your circumstances are. It doesn't matter when or how your family got here (although immigration for one thing favors whites over everyone else). It doesn't matter matter what your socioeconomic circumstances are. It doesn't matter what hardships you have endured. If you are white, and live in America, you benefit from white privilege and white supremacy in more ways that you previously realized. Whether it's seeing how positively and widely people of your 'race' are represented in the media, cultural and beauty standards being in your favor, education favoring white people and history, your race being a factor in your ability to make job connections, the judicial system not being biased against you because of your race, the housing market being open and inclusive towards you, the ability to accumulate wealth without having your race be a hindrance to you, not being victims of racial prejudice and profiling, not experiencing the after-effects of your family being forced into impoverish conditions, being able to work hard and actually getting ahead without your race being a factor, not being subjected to negative racial stereotypes that are used to dehumanize and degrade you, and having the privilege of being judged as an individual, instead of a color, group or statistic. THIS is all apart of white privilege, and you benefit from this, whether you see it or not. It exists and there is no denying it, because the evidence is clear. Privilege is a system of hierarchy, and it is not exclusive to race/ethnicity. There are privileges that heterosexuals have that people who are gay, bisexual and asexual do not experience. Religious privilege, being Christian in America for example, Muslims, atheists and other non-Christians are usually subject to a lot of stigmatization because of this. Socioeconomic privilege, poor people have it harder than those who are more affluent because of their financial status. This is real stuff, this is reality, and I hope that one day you will see it.
Midnight1131 says2015-05-11T18:10:25.7127896-05:00
History months in general are quite annoying. It's very unnecessary to assign a month to one racial group in specific, they aren't required anyways. It's pretty easy to remember history without assigning remembrance dates to it.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T18:15:23.0662957-05:00
Also, in response to your comment about black men and police. I hope you also realize that black men are also more likely to be unfairly targeted by the police because of racial profiling, regardless of the number of black men commit crimes. This is evidence in drug related arrests for example. Black Americans and white Americans use illegal substances around the same rate, half and half, and white people are more likely to deal drugs than blacks yet blacks make up the majority of drug related arrests and convictions. Why is this? - - It's because of racial profiling, which wrongfully targets non-whites. Stopping and frisking was a big issue in many states because black and Hispanic men were being stop and searched for no reason. Meanwhile, white business men, like those on Wall Street, are more likely to possess cocaine, heroin and other deadly narcotics but are almost always ignored by police.
GarlicBred24 says2015-05-11T18:24:13.9844990-05:00
Dilara , I'm white, and I think you're completely whitewashed...
tajshar2k says2015-05-11T18:29:17.0476417-05:00
@dillara Simply blaming African Americans is completely stupid. You must understand why some of them are like that and one big one is lack of education. When local government don't do sh*t to improve the community then of course people will have no choice but to join gangs and traffic drugs. Take a good look at some neighborhoods, and you see what people have to do, because those were the opportunities they had. I live in Chicago, and I have talked to them so I know what it is like.
Dilara says2015-05-11T19:00:26.8600276-05:00
Brian. My family were targeted because they were Crimean Tatar specially not because they weren't German. The nazis favored Germanic peoples accept when a German or someone from a nother Germanic group spoke out against nazism. My moms family came here after ww2 very poor with no college education (because of the war) and my grandfather worked in a motor factory. He worked with many poor blacks (thus was the 60s) as well. He later died beside if the lung problems he got thee hen he was there. THey had a hard time when they came here and built them selves up. I'm aware of the examples of white privilege you gave. Beaty standards ect. But that doesnt mean that all whites are directly affected by them. I'm muslim and growing up right after 911 (born 1997) I dealt with a lot of name calling and bullying because if it. I am privileged because I have green eyes, brown hair and white features there for I don't look "muslim". People who do look muslim (south Asians and Arabs) had a terrible time after 911. My mom looks Asian and she dealt with problems. That is the best way my white looks have affected me.
Dilara says2015-05-11T19:02:56.5190097-05:00
And I'm aware of how racial profiling affects minority men. I have black male friends who've told me about their experiences being followed around in stores by security.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T19:05:25.9763450-05:00
"I'm aware of the examples of white privilege you gave." - So basically Dilara, you admit that white privilege exists and that you also benefit from it. Thanks, it's about time.
Dilara says2015-05-11T19:06:35.8914490-05:00
Tajshar. Im aware of the public school situation and ok not blaming black people. I'm pointing out a fact that if dealt with (education ) could help end police brutality
Stefy says2015-05-11T19:14:34.2193902-05:00
Dilara: Just because youre 1/4 asian doesnt really make a difference. Also thise are huge events and more schools still learn about white history more. White history doesnt need a month because as a predominately white nation most if our history is white and thats what is naturally most emphasised and there is way more black history than the harlem renaissance and raisin in the sun. Good book btw.
tajshar2k says2015-05-11T19:17:00.7074862-05:00
I think we also need a Hobbit History Month. We gotta honor Frodo.
Dilara says2015-05-11T19:20:38.6596757-05:00
I loved that book. Cane river was my favorite. I'm also gonna read 12 years a Slave when i can find a copy. With a white history month we could help people understand that most whites didn't do any of those horrible things. That's why I like the idea. If it's about celebrating our history than I understand your point. If it's only about celebrating white history than I don't really care. Like I said earlier a lot of good white Americans aren't appreciated because of what some whites did. That's just my experience and others will differ.
WNdebater says2015-05-14T17:10:38.7772860-05:00
"And FYI, white people DID NOT "disproportionately invent most things". You're just proving once again my point about white people taking credit for things that didn't belong to them in the first place. You're just repeating the same bullsh-t you were brainwashed into believing because you're a product of the white supremacy that built the society we live in. Educate yourself, and maybe then we can have a rational discussion on this topic. Until then, your ignorance is irrelevant to me" @Briantheliberal: Name one of the things I listed that wasn't invented by whites. We didn't steal these things. We made them. You didn't counter my points about how whites have produced the vast majority of scientific and technological innovations with evidence. You just claimed that I'm a white supremacist to acknowledge that whites invented things that they did, in fact, invent. Show me that blacks did more for chemistry, physics, or electronics. Oh wait, you can't because they didn't. Give me a list of the great innovations/inventions of blacks. I bet I can name more and better ones for whites. As for "white supremacist brainwashing, I have made it clear that my school went out of its way to ephasize the contributions of blacks. They just couldn't for science because the great theories were made by whites. I suppose you'll just tell me Newton and Bohr stole their ideas from blacks or something to make you feel better. PS Facts aren't "ignorance" just because you don't like them.
Dilara says2015-05-14T20:08:02.0488967-05:00
Brian I would like an example of a black persons invention being stolen by a white. Also a Native American or African invention from before Europeans arrived. I'm not doubting Indians and blacks in Africa invented things before the whites came id just like to know some.
Dilara says2015-05-15T16:10:56.8268931-05:00
Jubilant step. To help ignorant people understand that most whites in America didn't participate or benefit from racism or things like slavery and the genocide of the native Americans. Many like my ancestors faught against slavery in the civil war. We should remember the whites who fought against slavery and opression. We should also remember the whites who came here from Europe and start over and worked them selves up.
Renegader says2015-05-15T18:19:14.8451992-05:00
WNdebaters' points have been obviously ignored in favor of revisionist afro-centric history.

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