Should there be a woman on the 20 dollar bill?

Posted by: emmalynn

  • Yes

  • No

44% 15 votes
56% 19 votes
  • I say no since there is already so many $20 bills printed with Andrew Jackson on it. Why not make a new bill or bring back the $2 dollar bill with a woman on it? I support putting a woman on a bill, just not one that already exists.

  • i agree there is already someone on the 20$ bill a very important person in you history even to this day we still talk about him. also why dont we just bring in like a 4$ bill again and put a women on that one.

    Posted by: zacjoe
  • No reason to do it

    Posted by: basils
  • Why don't we create a new updated bills, with women on them? Like the $25 dollar bill? I just feel bad taking it away from the people currently on the bills.

  • Jackson did a lot of good. Why are people being morons again.

  • What important women have been in the history of America. Maybe like the 2 dollar bill, or the 1000 bill.

  • Jackson stays on my 20. Even though he opposed the bank. I want Jackson on my 20. I don't mind a woman on my cash somewhere else, but not on my 1,5,10, or 20. Make a new dollor.

  • Rosa Parks has only one qualification, and multiple others like Claudette Colvin did the same thing. Rosa Parks was lucky enough to spark the boycott in 1995. Andrew Jackson was the 7th president, and a national hero.

  • Being on a dollar bill is reserved to founding fathers and presidents. Women have done nothing to help the nation in any way and now all they are doing is sucking the goodness out of it. NO WOMEN ON THE $20 bill. That spot is reserved for Andrew Jackson. If I get a $20 with a women on it I am going to trade it for 10s, 5s, 0r 1s. DO NOT MAKE THE 20 DOLLAR BILL WORTHLESS BECAUSE A WOMEN IS ON IT.

  • Why are we trying to update bills now? There has already been a historical figure on it. What I wonder is why Harriet Tubman ? There are other people they could have put on it like someone who gets voting rights for women. That is democracy as well !! Is it also because the increased number of the shootings of black people ? I am not being racist or anything. Additionally there is no point in changing it, at all because NO ONE seemed to be complaining about Jackson back in the day. So I don't see the problem in keeping the 20 dollar the way it is. Also everyone and the younger generation also knows Jackson is on the bill, if it is replaced....more problems may arise possibly.

  • Oh no not again... People are so ignorant, why do you think that you need to change a dollar bill to make yourself feel better? I mean there is no logical reason to change a twenty dollar bill that has no real value like silver and gold. So by the time they start producing it with..For example: Harriet Tubman by that time it would become worthless. So in reality there is no point in being liberal over a dollar bill for pete sakes.

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58539672 says2015-04-22T10:39:00.3471231-05:00
Why the $20 bill?
Bookwormav says2015-04-22T10:41:22.1520321-05:00
I think they are putting a woman on a dollar bill just because she is a woman.
TheGraetdebater says2015-04-22T11:05:30.6837175-05:00
$2 dollar bill already exists ther are just very few of them, bu $3 dollar bills done exist
emmalynn says2015-04-22T12:52:12.4667106-05:00
There was this little girl who wrote Obama saying a woman should be on the $20 bill along with a list of some women who would deserve it.
Mister_Man says2015-04-22T19:18:46.0636269-05:00
Just because she is a woman? No. If she's a powerful leader/role model? Sure.
brianjustin3709 says2015-04-23T07:12:16.2128440-05:00
Why specifically the 20 dollar bill? Why not other bills? This is because many important people are on the $2 or $20. Instead, make a new dollar bill with a woman on it!
wiseguyQuinn says2015-06-27T21:42:34.6221403-05:00
Democrats wanted to take Hamilton off the $10 bill, but he basically started the current U.S. treasury, so now they are attacking Andrew Jackson. This is all B.S.

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