Should there be free parenting classes?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Having a newborn child can be exhausting for new parents. By introducing these free classes, parents can learn how to deal with this situation, how to raise their babies and have a normal life at the same time.

  • Yes, it will make parents more stress resistant and aware, plus they will meet other parents in the same situation.

  • No, the government shouldn't be paying millions of dollars just so parents can learn how to be parents. Besides, people can easily learn how to raise children by themselves.

58% 7 votes
42% 5 votes
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TBR says2015-05-01T21:10:14.2127932-05:00
1) I think they are available nationally through WICK. 2) I think there should be continuing education. 3) I think there should be reasonable "checkups" regardless of interactions with DFS.

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