Should there be harsher alcohol taxes?

Posted by: PetersSmith

An Alcohol Tax is a tax where alcoholic beverages are taxed. Take a moment to process that. Currently, the US has an excise tax on alcohol based on per gallon.

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They should be taxed moderately high

A higher alcohol tax will force drinkers to pay more, regardless of how much they can afford to. This can cause a larger impact on the poor and those affected with alcoholism because they sometimes have an addiction for it and will have to dish out ... more of what little money they have left. Of course, it may also decrease the amount of drinkers in the future   more
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They should be taxed moderately low

A lower alcohol tax will allow alcoholics and the general populace to drink more. However, it will have a more positive effect on the poor and possibly middle class since they will have to dish out less money when buying alcohol. However, they will ... then buy in larger quantities, which can and will encourage intoxication   more
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They shouldn't be taxed

The alcohol excise taxed is so low that it isn't even worth having it. Removing an alcohol tax entirely will allow people to drink more due to alcohol being cheaper and will also allow employers to buy more of it. However, this will encourage people...  to drink more and get intoxicated   more
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We should declare war on alcohol

Think about it: everyone who has drunk alcohol has died. Congress will sign a formal declaration of war against alcoholic beverages, hops, and possibly ethanol. In doing so, the US will attack alcohol service providers, burn down hop farms, and shoo... t any alcoholic beverage in sight. Those who are in possession of alcohol will be aiding the enemy and are thus considered enemies as well and will either be taken as POWs or shot on sight. In order to win this war, the US must remove alcohol from this planet or at least until a peace treaty can form. This will cause the US to invade other countries as well in order to wage war with alcohol on all fronts   more
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Alcohol should be illegal

Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide Constitutional ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages that remained in place from 1920 to 1933. It was promoted by "dry" crusaders movement, led by rural ... Protestants and social Progressives in the Democratic and Republican parties, and was coordinated by the Anti-Saloon League. Prohibition was mandated under the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Enabling legislation, known as the Volstead Act, set down the rules for enforcing the ban and defined the types of alcoholic beverages that were prohibited. For example, religious uses of wine were allowed. Private ownership and consumption of alcohol was not made illegal under federal law; however, in many areas local laws were more strict, with some states banning possession outright. Nationwide Prohibition ended with the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment, which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, on December 5, 1933. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the introduction of alcohol prohibition and its subsequent enforcement in law was a hotly-debated issue. Prohibition supporters, called drys, presented it as a victory for public morals and health. Anti-prohibitionists, known as wets, criticized the alcohol ban as an intrusion of mainly rural Protestant ideals on a central aspect of urban, immigrant, and Catholic life. Though popular opinion believes that Prohibition failed, it succeeded in cutting overall alcohol consumption in half during the 1920s, and consumption remained below pre-Prohibition levels until the 1940s, suggesting that Prohibition did socialize a significant proportion of the population in temperate habits, at least temporarily. Some researchers contend that its political failure is attributable more to a changing historical context than to characteristics of the law itself. Criticism remains that Prohibition led to unintended consequences such as the growth of criminal organizations, including the modern American Mafia   more
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They should be taxed severly

A high alcohol tax will discourage people from drinking, causing more and more people to stop drinking, but in time the tax will be virtually nothing if people stop drinking at bars and other alcohol service providers. This won't necessarily make pe... ople stop drinking and illegal bootlegger businesses can form   more
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They should stay as is

Excise taxes are sales taxes that apply to particular products. Compared to income, property, and general sales taxes, excise taxes constitute a fairly small portion of state revenues. This is because excise taxes lack a broad base, and are instead ... levied on only a few specific products typically tobacco, alcohol, and gasoline. In part because of its narrow base, the tobacco tax in particular has become a popular source of revenue even among politicians that are generally opposed to raising taxes—though health concerns have also contributed to this popularity. Unlike general sales taxes, excise taxes are usually applied on a per-unit basis instead of as a percentage of the purchase price. For instance, cigarette excise taxes are calculated in cents per pack. And most gasoline excise taxes are imposed in cents per gallon. Because excise taxes are generally not itemized on consumer receipts, they tend to be even less visible than general sales taxes. Nonetheless, while most states levy general sales taxes, every state levies excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and gasoline   more
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They should be taxed at the bare minimum

Taxing alcohol at the bare minimum will allow for a very small revenue and will encourage people to drink much more. This may not be worth it in the long run.
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PetersSmith says2014-08-09T12:24:29.9723958-05:00
I added alcohol should be illegal, but it didn't seem to show up. I'm going to post it again, but if it shows up twice then just vote for one if you can.
dmussi12 says2014-08-09T18:42:54.8532800-05:00
@Kreakin I notice you don't have the thoughts on guns (or so your profile says).
dmussi12 says2014-08-09T18:43:04.2446606-05:00
*same thoughts
Kreakin says2014-08-10T03:42:40.2709148-05:00
You notice correct! I am not keen on the idea of alcoholics with high taxes to pay for drink having guns.
debate_power says2014-08-26T15:53:15.2590844-05:00
Of COURSE everyone who has drunk alcohol has died!!!! But I suppose that would be Peters' sarcastic point.
PetersSmith says2014-08-26T16:46:32.3689821-05:00
Debate_power: We should also declare war on air, because get this: everyone who has breathed air has died.

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