Should there be more gay couples in kid's TV shows and movies?

Posted by: SegBeg

... And why?

  • Yes.

  • No.

57% 16 votes
43% 12 votes
  • I don't tend to suggest people include a minority in order to improve diversity but if it works go for it.

  • homosexuality is a fact of life. The earlier a child becomes aware of it, the better their sense of understanding towards it will be & the less likely they are to be manipulated into believing in another persons biases.

  • Obviously, gay people are the ones causing all of our problems. I mean, all the European terrorist attacks were caused by gays. That's a fact, by the way. In addition, gays are the reason that the US has declined so much since the 1950s. I mean, there was no such thing as homosexuality in the 1950s, and we like ruled half the world or something. Now we suck, and gays are to blame. (Sarcasm)

  • Yes, because it can teach kids to be more accepting. As a student myself, it’s too late for the kids in my school, they just bully the LGBTQ+ community there. But you can stop that in the future by teaching kids about it.

  • It is always very important to show equality. I am a Lesbian and one of the reasons it took me so long to be accepting of it was because I thought it was a bad thing. I never saw it on TV So I had always just assumed that it was wrong. If you hate me for who I love then who is the real sinner.

  • We ought not to be using media and children's programming to desensitize children to the immorality of homosexuality. They will have to accept it exists eventually, but it ought not be presented as an acceptable way of life. Just because a thing is, does not justify accepting it as a good or of value. Homosexuality always has been of evil. No culture shift or governmental decree can or will alter that reality.

  • Absolutely not. Homosexuality should never be taught as acceptable or perfectly normal to children, especially when they are brainwashed into thinking like that from a children's television program. The very thought of that sickens me.

  • No. TV media that sort is an example of bad influence for the children because it disrupts children's natural sexual orientation.

  • I actually support gay rights, unlike most of those who said No, but particularly with kids shows producer's have to be careful about what content they put on the air. There's a lot of people out there who would cry "indoctrination!" at the slightest sign of political agendas. As such, its wise on their part to avoid such an obvious minefield. Anyway, it's better for gay rights to show more gay couples in TV shows and movies aimed at teenagers, not at kids- If you show nice homosexual couples to kids, their parents will deny it, and most kids will just assume their parents are right. This way, it would encourage people to think about gay rights when they're less likely to just immediately follow what their parent's think.

  • Homosexuality is NOT a kid-friendly topic.

  • imean idont really care but i dont think things like that should be in kids minds as they watch a seemingly innocent tv show/ movie. It think it should have less romance regardless of what genders they are.

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