• There should be uniforms

  • There should not be uniforms

52% 28 votes
48% 26 votes
  • It eradicates the possibility of being concerned about what you wear which reduces stress.

  • For Private Schools and that public schools need restricts on what the students wear.

  • without them, girls will want to wear short shorts to "attract" guys, and possibly lead them into bigger problems later on in life.

  • Yes they should

  • If there's gonna be one when at least make it look cool. One of the schools I've been to has a uniform that epitomized a prison outfit...

  • it would make everyone equal in dress-no one could be made fun of for the way they dress anymore since everyone would be wearing the same thing. it would also prevent the showing of gang symbols on school grounds.

  • Without uniforms, everybody will be focusing on what they wear. Every single casual-clothes day we have, the focus level goes down because people are in a relaxed state of mind. if everybody wears the same, then there's no judging on your outfit. As far as expressing yourself goes, many schools are fairly relaxes, so you can wear some bracelets/wristbands, earrings, certain hairstyles, and shoes.

  • It'd cause less problems in school and won't make people feel left out when many others have better apparel. Getting standardized uniforms would cause less distractions with apparel and let kids feel socially comfortable.

  • Uniforms will enable students from lower income families to fit in better at school and avoid being singled out solely because they can't afford brand named clothing. As well, this will emphasize that individuality and personality can be expressed through actions and attitude, and freedom of expression should not be confined to material items. Finally, the education component of school will be focused on, as students will not have a daily battle of what to wear before going to school-I suspect tardiness would decrease with uniforms as well.

    Posted by: KPG
  • rgb

  • Kids should be able to express themselves

    Posted by: e4303
  • I went to a school with standardized uniforms and it served no purpose. It removes expression of individualism and imposes more cost to families that are required to purchase additional (and sometimes pricey) clothes. Sure, you can do something to help against gang signs and whatnot, but that only solves the appearance of such things, rather than actually helping the student. It just goes to show that schools only care about numbers rather than helping and growing students, by developing them and celebrating their individuality. No one becomes or does great things by being like everyone else.

    Posted by: Amath
  • i think that kids should be able to express themself and pick what they wont to.

  • Not everyone could afford uniforms and not everyone could afford stylish clothing. bullying happens for lots of other reasons , not just for what others wear.

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Cat_Lover says2014-04-10T12:07:49.4553936-05:00
@e4303, by wearing barely anything? Do you not understand that teen pregnancy is provoked by what teens wear to school?!?
SNP1 says2014-04-10T12:11:04.9248775-05:00
Cat_Lover: That same logic is used to justify rape.
CJKAllstar says2014-04-10T12:11:52.2804116-05:00
I agree with SNP1. That logic is defeated by Saudi Arabia.
GeeWillikers says2014-04-10T19:06:47.8707840-05:00
Well yes and no, even though one can only be picked. I wear a uniform for school and my only complain is: pants. The shirts that are available at my school are comfortable, but when i wear my khaki pants, they're really stiff. I think my school should allow jeans. But thats my only complain, because on fridays, we get to wear jeans and if the campus is litter-free, we get free dress.
Cat_Lover says2014-04-12T23:28:58.5580982-05:00
Ok then snp1, let teenage girls get themselves pregnant. Who cares anyway?
CJKAllstar says2014-04-13T02:18:54.4813644-05:00
Cat_Lover, 23% of schools in America have a uniform policy, that means 77% of schoolchildren do not wear school uniform, which is 58,135,000 children. In 2012, 305,420 teenage girls between 15-19 became pregnant. Compare 58million to 300,000. Even if you exaggerate greatly and say only 10% of them are female, that is 5,800,000 compared to 300,000. Where is this deadly correlation you speak of?
Cat_Lover says2014-04-20T08:06:41.4711314-05:00
I'm saying that if all schools had uniforms then it would go down, I guarantee it.
NiamC says2014-07-04T12:09:09.3819052-05:00
I like school uniforms, they promote equality and esteem
haaye_itsa says2015-11-25T23:11:49.1455807Z
Students do not have to be bullied because of what they wear..!!!!!
No_User says2016-01-20T18:07:42.4084887Z
Clothing isn't the only reason people get bullied for.
HazelStone says2016-03-04T13:24:00.5298903Z
http://www.debate.org/debates/Students-should-wear-school-uniform./1/ Can you please vote? :D
HazelStone says2016-03-04T13:24:26.4603563Z
http://www.debate.org/debates/Students-should-wear-school-uniform./1/ Can you please vote? :D
Yo019283 says2017-02-07T19:45:14.2595412Z
KoolDude_283S says2020-04-23T18:45:38.1101357Z
You can't express yourself in a school uniform and some people don't look good in certain colors.

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