Should there be zoos?

Posted by: izzybell2002

Should there be zoos or no?

  • For zoos

  • Against zoos

47% 21 votes
53% 24 votes
  • izzybell is right

    Posted by: Kylar
  • There should be zoos because there would be no more animals and they would go extended! And other animals will hunt too much for animals and all of them would go extended and yeah..

  • We need zoos because they provide wildlife rehabilitation and help support research on animal intelligence and emotions, Zoos provide rehabilitation to breed animals to raise there population up, help take care of animals that cannot be released back into the wild and provides assistance to animals that can be released into the wild.

  • Zoos are helping to preserve endangered animals, teach children about our world and the creatures we share it with and rescue animals all the time.

  • Lets keep them they are cute and they are big they will like their habitat

    Posted by: jm7733
  • Zoos provide all the natural things the animal needs to survive. Multiple zookeepers watch over the animals and feed them so they stay healthy. If they go out in the wild, they are vulnerable to multiple diseases, people, and predators.

  • If zoo's were gone then animals would just be out in the wild with no home because we took down habitats just to make stuff for us so the one for against zoo's just imagine a lion walking around your school or in front of your house they can die also because there are tons of diseases that are out in the world this is the reason why zoo's were invented.

  • Even the well-intentioned zoos end up hurting animals. Zoos should be turned into sanctuaries and the like.

  • Zoos torture animals. Animals in zoos do not live in their natural habitat. They do not us their natural instincts to survive on their own.

  • I DISAGREE animals should be free. look up 10 secrets about zoos they don't tell us. also search up why animals are dying and going extinct if your with me change your mind. if your an animal lover you would agree with me

  • zoos are bad animals deserve to be free, they need to be in the world not in a cage. would you like it if you were stuck in a cage and taken away from your family, no you probably wouldn't and those of you that are saying yes you guys are just being silly. ITS ABUSE

  • Would you like it if you're stuck in a zoo? We are animals to.

  • I am not a supporter of the idea called "Zoo" at all but what I support is the safety of animals. There should be homes for them not cages and only who are in real need of it due to a certain disease, ill health or any other trauma that needs human help. Healthy animals living in the wild should not be interfered with, yes study their behaviours etc. but from a distance. Let there be freedom on that side as well as this side of the world. So In the end this fight is all about drawing a line between HELPING and EARNING MONEY !!

    Posted by: sakshe
  • Zoos slaughter animals all the time, and keep them in pitifully small enclosures.

  • fuck zooz

  • I believe that zoos should not exist because they restrict innocent animals from their natural home and most times their parents as well. This can lead to sad behaviour, and after all, what entertainment is seeing captured animals heartbroken and dismal. On the other hand, it can evoke to violence and aggressive behaviour which increases the risk of a human or another animal being hurt. Furthermore, when a infant is taken away from its family, the parents can become very emotional (especially elephants) and this can lead to death, death that is unnecessary. If they don't die from grief, then it would probably happen when being parted because the methods they use to capture an animal usually end up accidentally killing other animals too.

    Posted by: bo-d8e
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marinaspins says2015-05-04T16:58:39.1993985-05:00
Zoos are wrong and do not treat animals the way they need and deserved to be treated. Also. They interfere with nature and "survivial of the fittest" because they are caged in, do not have to deal with weather issues, and are fed by humans. Zoos take peoples money to let people watch how other people interfere with nautre and the animals arent even in their natural habitat! I refuse to pay money for that
MAC4444 says2016-01-14T17:07:34.9493256Z
If animals in the wild did not eat each other (food chain), then many animals would over populate and there would soon be more animals than people, which would interfere with our lifestyle. If you search up "should animals be kept in zoos?", you will get many scientific answers to that question. Think wisely and do some research!!!
MAC4444 says2016-01-14T17:10:22.9000022Z
Zoos teach children how to interfere with animals lives. We are animals just as them. How would you like it if you got captured by a lion? Huh?
Athena1011 says2016-03-14T23:48:18.6820294Z
Ok, so animal cruelty isnt ok. ZOOS ARE HORRIBLE
beddrock15 says2017-02-21T16:31:37.5320177Z
We shall not have zoos.Let animals be free
ldshadowlady says2017-04-07T14:36:00.8000578Z
Hey people we should never let people keep them in cages i mean thats just like child crulity
neo20220 says2017-04-17T02:10:33.4699306Z
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