Should this website add an asexual/aromantic (not interested in anyone) option?

Posted by: Immaloser

In the "interested in" category it has only men and women. Should there be a none option? By the way I know some asexuals and aromantics who are interested in someone but there are also some who don't want to be in a relationship period.

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Does it really matter?

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Axonly says2016-08-25T07:36:06.7830356Z
Wont happen because juggle has abandoned us
CltrAltDelicious says2016-12-28T07:34:09.4696749Z
Which website are you referring to? If you're referring to a dating site, why would you sign up for a dating site if you're asexual/aromantic? If it's any other site... Well, what other site asks you for that information?

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