Should transgender operations be allowed to happen?

Posted by: stargate

  • They should not be allowed.

  • They should be allowed.

40% 25 votes
60% 38 votes
  • That is not how we are meant to be. Gay marriage should never have been legalized

  • I think we all should read the Bible and see what it says.

  • "Transgender operations" are really bodily mutilation operations. When people cut themselves out of stress or anxiety, we try to stop them from cutting themselves and refer them to behavioral therapy. Shouldn't we do the same with transgenders? Allowing them to undergo surgical change is counterproductive. It will only reinforce their mental disorder.

  • Look, gay marriage is alright. But changing your gender is downright impossible and should not be socially OR legally accepted. It's basic biology, people. XX is female XY is male. What's between your legs and in your chromosomes determines what you are, NOT your mentality. I'm fed up with society inventing new ways to be a special snowflake. Pass 4th grade biology and you'll know the real truth about sex and gender.

  • A stable society demands order, and degeneracy should not be exaulted the way it is.

  • It's self mutilation and there's no difference in suicide rates before and after operation.

  • Where are all the people who like freedom at?

    Posted by: reece

  • There is no good reason to prevent it from happening. This isn't something that will hurt other people's freedom. Even for those which view transgender-ism as a mental disease, a good way to treat it would be to let them transition.

  • They should be allowed, but those who want to get one should be encouraged to seek treatment.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • There is a demand, there should be a supply. The only reason it shouldn't is if it is inherently bad for society which it isn't. But I do think that there should be some sort of psychological evaluation done pre-op, which there already is, at least in America, so I don't see the problem.

  • So much for neo-cons talking about "small government."

  • It's their body.

  • After reading the comments, I've become more grateful that I've grown up in a country where abrahamic religion isn't anywhere near a majority.

    Posted by: Foxian
  • For crying out loud how is this even an issue?

  • Everyone has a right to their own body. If we take away the right to that, what else can we take away? For as long as people are allowed to receive surgery to alter their breasts and faces, or receive medical surgery to fix a problem within their body, trans people should be allowed to receive the surgeries they desire.

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reece says2016-01-11T00:37:27.4300414Z
@Bob13 Like the gays? They should seek treatment?
Bob13 says2016-01-11T00:41:36.6620318Z
@reece I don't think gays should seek treatment.
reece says2016-01-11T00:47:29.6678830Z
Well that's good.
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T00:58:08.3794598Z
@Bob13, Treatment? Treatment for what? There has scientific studies that have proven that truly transgender women have brains that operate more like that of a female, but are inside the body of a man, and truly transgender men have brains that operate more like that of males, but are inside the bodies of women. Sure, there are some people out there that are probably just confused or something, but there are a vast number of those that are truley men and women stuck in bodies of the opposite gender. Unless, of course, your willing to deny, scientific inquiry. But, as far as modern science is concerned, trying to treat a transgendered person to be more like the gender with their genitalia is like trying to get you to be more like a member of the opposite sex.
CaptnStuart says2016-01-11T01:00:46.0995038Z
Castration/genital mutilation as a "treatment" option is far from ideal, leaning toward ridiculous, especially on physically healthy people.
Bob13 says2016-01-11T01:01:52.5728082Z
@Black-Jesus That's exactly why they need treatment. If the brain has a problem, you fix it.
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T01:03:21.4111327Z
@Bob13, but, for one, there is no problem. And for two, what are you going to do, just feed them estrogen and testosterone?
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T01:09:07.7801530Z
@CaptnStuart Who is talking about castration/genital mutilation? A transgender operation is way different from that, and it is the choice of the transgender person to do it if they want to. Also the operation changes their genitals to those of the opposite sex, unlike castration/genital mutilation. Also what does being physically healthy have to do with it?
triangle.128k says2016-01-11T01:10:26.3251810Z
Neo-cons love talking about small government and freedom, yet they contradict themselves in many cases. This being one scenario.
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T01:12:30.4254520Z
Freedom for everyone!!!(except for transgender people.) Oh, the irony.
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T01:13:29.0682666Z
@bluepaintcan123, I believe "mutilation" is a bit of a subjective term. Captn probably believes that folding a penis inside the body constitutes as genital mutilation.
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T01:14:48.6735382Z
@Black-Jesus True, but when people say genital mutilation they don't refer to transgender operations.
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T01:16:59.3467812Z
Typically, but, I mean, just going off the dictionary, I suppose that transgender operations would qualify. But so would removing your appendix, so...
CaptnStuart says2016-01-11T01:27:53.3225558Z
@Bluepaintcan123 I am referring to sex reassignment surgery, for example vaginoplasty, in which both the testes and penis are cut away from the body and the remaining tissue reshaped using skin grafts or something similar. In truth it is a step further than castration. I see no reason to do something so drastic to a person who has a perfectly functional body, whether they want it or not. A doctor's goal is to cure illness without causing undue harm to the patient, and if the patient has no physical illness, there is never an occasion in which a physical alteration is necessary. If gender dysphoria is a mental illness, it should be combatted as such, with strategies similar to other mental illnesses. If it is not a mental illness, as many people believe, then there is certainly no reason for a surgery to fix what isn't actually a disease at all.
CaptnStuart says2016-01-11T01:31:42.5540268Z
@Black-Jesus Removing an appendix is a necessary operation to avoid dying of appendicitis. Very different.
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T01:34:02.3144268Z
Well, yeah, I'm just using that as an example. I don't mean for an appendectomy and a gender reassignment surgery to align perfectly.
stargate says2016-01-11T01:47:29.4749932Z
I have good reasons why I am against it, tomorrow I will post them. Also mind you I am all for small government. Plus I am not neo conservative. I see good reasons why it should be discouraged.
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T04:10:09.9317183Z
What is the huge problem with letting people make a decision for themselves, with the FREEDOM that you people claim we have in America, to do something with their bodies? If someone wants a surgery then let them, it isn't your decision to make. What about those who get plastic surgery? I don't personally like it, but it is their FREEDOM to choose if they want it or not. This isn't about your personal beliefs, this is about someones freedom to do what they want with their bodies. It doesn't matter if they are healthy or not, if they have the money to pay for it then let them. If you ever say that America is all about freedom and is SO great (and I KNOW @stargate has claimed this once or twice) then you shouldn't think we should infringe on people's freedom like this.
stargate says2016-01-11T13:35:20.5700601Z
And where all giving a body and a gender when we where born. I personally believe that it shouldn't be allowed due to it is destroying the uniqueness that you where giving. I personally do not support that and I think that it should be allowed. Changing your sex is moral wrong and should be unacceptable. It is unnatural and a abomination of nature.
reece says2016-01-11T14:02:12.8794961Z
@stargate you mean we're all given a sex? The uniqueness that you were given? Even if that "uniqueness" is a disability? It is unnatural and an abomination of nature? We're a pinnacle of nature. We have greater potentiality than any other species that we know of. Stop being so fallacious.
stargate says2016-01-11T14:03:59.2486772Z
We should not change our gender though.
reece says2016-01-11T14:11:58.0505001Z
@stargate Why? Gender/sex is fluent in evolution. Roles of which the sexes play change. Humans are just able to do it in a lifetime.
stargate says2016-01-11T14:16:43.9343790Z
It is due to there being no good reason to change besides you are truly your real gender.
reece says2016-01-11T14:22:01.2555665Z
@stargate Isn't happiness a good reason?
stargate says2016-01-11T14:45:45.0104721Z
No it simply isn't.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2016-01-11T14:46:26.4642054Z
This is one of those times when I want to get notifications on a poll but really don't want to vote on it. *sits back with popcorn*
reece says2016-01-11T14:52:27.8908021Z
@stargate Why isn't happiness a good reason?
stargate says2016-01-11T15:45:40.1669854Z
Because you can not base your arguement based on happness. This is due to happyness chanages person to person you simply can not base it on happyness. For example a murder could be happy killing people yet it is morally wrong. Happyness is simply not a valid arugement.
reece says2016-01-11T15:53:10.6978734Z
@stargate The person wanting the sex change isn't hurting anyone. I thought you would be better than that.
stargate says2016-01-11T16:35:57.9288186Z
It is morally wrong.
reece says2016-01-11T16:55:18.4353690Z
@stargate Is interracial marriage morally wrong too? Come on!
stargate says2016-01-11T17:10:01.0040038Z
@That is not wrong, though I personally would most likely not.
reece says2016-01-11T17:15:31.9515479Z
@stargate It was a rhetorical question.
stargate says2016-01-11T17:16:21.3729566Z
Witch I decided to answer.
reece says2016-01-11T17:18:20.7134297Z
@stargate *Sigh* anyway, what's immoral about changing sex?
stargate says2016-01-11T17:23:38.1442645Z
The fact that when you where born you where giving a gender, and chaningg that gender only change certain areas. It is unnatural.
reece says2016-01-11T17:26:28.3689202Z
@stargate Gender isn't the problem, it's the sex. I've already been through the rest with you. Can you give me a better argument?
stargate says2016-01-11T17:26:30.0261663Z
Well one the subject of marriage I would only .Aeruginosa my same race this is due to a few reasons, none of witch are racist .
reece says2016-01-11T17:28:41.6275370Z
@stargate just drop the interracial marriage thing.
stargate says2016-01-11T17:31:25.4161366Z
Okay I was most trying to justify it.
stargate says2016-01-11T17:33:27.0012392Z
Fix marriage.
reece says2016-01-11T17:38:51.2443678Z
@stargate So do you have a better argument?
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T17:40:29.7015488Z
I think we should read the Bible and go back to those times. Gays are messed up in the head and need treatment. I'm not even kidding.
BrendanD19 says2016-01-11T17:46:16.5265850Z
reece says2016-01-11T18:24:59.0361350Z
@Glitter2998 The good old days, when everyone was ignorant.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T18:26:40.6225110Z
Well at least people weren't as bad as they are now!
reece says2016-01-11T18:28:10.5310450Z
@Glitter2998 You've been watch too many disney princess movies.
reece says2016-01-11T18:28:45.6631458Z
stargate says2016-01-11T18:43:11.7124641Z
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T18:44:34.7673965Z
I am 14. I do not watch princess movies. I watch things like Monsters Inside Me.
triangle.128k says2016-01-11T20:05:26.8118071Z
@stargate What is immoral about sex re-assignment surgery? You're being very fallacious in your reasoning. Also, why is it your concern? Can't you leave people the f*ck alone to do what they want if it doesn't hurt you or them?
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T20:38:14.5605725Z
@Glitter2998, yes, let us all go back to the morally superior times of the Biblical era, where everyone you disagree with is fair game to slaughter, rape their daughters and enslave their clan. That sounds like a far superior time in which homosexuality, bestiality, pornography and transsexuality still existed anyway.
stargate says2016-01-11T20:38:30.0416066Z
Well first off please do not get to emotional about this subject. Swear ing at me does not achieve anything. Now I have my stances and beliefs they have there's. I do not support that so I am con on this. There is nothing wrong with that.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T20:44:48.0574949Z
OMFG! Shut up! All of ya!
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T20:54:38.5212799Z
@Glitter2998 You did claim that we should go back to biblical teachings. Would you like me to start stoning gay people? Killing those which work on Sundays? That sounds fun, right?
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T20:59:00.1019458Z
It wasn't THAT bad. However, I will say that we are now living in a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, or a living hell.
Black-Jesus says2016-01-11T20:59:10.2906220Z
No, you guys, he said shut up, so he doesn't have to defend his position, because he clearly just told us to shut up. Oh and by the way, Glitter, you just said f**king God, which is taking the Lord's name in vain, which violates the 3rd commandment, and acronym's count.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:00:10.3510070Z
Please, call me Autumn
triangle.128k says2016-01-11T21:00:39.1331915Z
@stargate This website is where you debate and challenge ideas, you can't just express your opinion and then expect everybody ignore you. You're clearly not proving your point with sex re-assignment surgery very well. I mean, it's shown that those people have an issue with their brain. The best solution to science is sex re-assignment surgery, what is wrong with that?
triangle.128k says2016-01-11T21:05:13.2893489Z
@Glitter2998 "we are now living in a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, or a living hell." That's why life expectancy is at an all time high, numerous technological advancements have strengthened society, discrimination is less in place and equality is higher than before, imperialism is almost put to an end, scientific advances have helped saved many, etc. Unless you want to go back to the old times of disease, fatigue, discrimination, imperialism, monarchies, more wars, etc.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:07:04.5879682Z
@Triangle.128k: Yeah, ummm, thats good to know.
triangle.128k says2016-01-11T21:08:17.6357306Z
I think you're missing my point, but whatever.
NewLifeChristian says2016-01-11T21:08:49.1262486Z
@Bob13 You say that transgenders should seek treatment, but not homosexuals. That's a little hypocritical, eh?
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T21:10:29.3317748Z
Weird how if you give rights to people suddenly the world is horrible. "Oh no! People are going to be happier and get accepted into society! NOOO!!!"
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:12:33.0855910Z
In my opinion, I think gay people are nasty and need to get help.
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T21:14:30.8057227Z
@Glitter2998 In my opinion, I think you are nasty and need to get help. (See how mean that sounds?)
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:16:37.9494694Z
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T21:19:49.6093663Z
@Glitter2998 How mature. I totally see your point from that eloquent response, bravo.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:21:56.9776494Z
*Bows* you are such a jerk
NewLifeChristian says2016-01-11T21:24:56.2418458Z
@Glitter2998 Just ignore the trolls. They're immune to logic.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:25:55.7749135Z
@NewLifeChristian: Thank you.
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T21:26:52.6372780Z
@NewLifeChristian Have you been following the conversation? I've been trying to prove the hypocrisy of saying "gays are gross they need help" when it is more gross to be bigoted towards them.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:27:56.5980702Z
@EVERYONE: Gays are not gross. They are just...Unusual. And they worry me.
stargate says2016-01-11T21:28:05.1470894Z
The thijg that is wrong is that is promotes that, they should get some medical help to fix the issue rather then us helping them make the issue worse. I've been making a case thank you very much.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:30:12.6929604Z
I am sorry if I offended any of you.
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-01-11T21:30:23.8626320Z
@Glitter2998 " Gays are not gross." "In my opinion, I think gay people are nasty and need to get help." Gross and nasty are synonyms.
stargate says2016-01-11T21:30:24.4898622Z
Fix thing.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:31:46.3139602Z
Let it go already! I said sorry!
Glitter2998 says2016-01-11T21:33:40.6180910Z
@NewLifeChristian: Check your messages
HannahC2002 says2016-01-12T01:27:16.6380866Z
@reece What does interracial marriage have to do with this topic? We're all people, regardless of race.
reece says2016-01-12T01:55:05.1008666Z
@HannahC2002 Again, it was a rhetorical question. I was trying to make the point that he didn't have a good excuse.
stargate says2016-01-12T02:00:11.8515318Z
I did.....
reece says2016-01-12T02:03:26.2949174Z
@stargate No you didn't...
Glitter2998 says2016-01-12T02:06:49.7485511Z
ADVERTISEMENT! Have any questions that need answers? Check out my column on forums. It is under personal, and its called “Ask Glitter Column”. Please take the time to ask any question and I’ll try to answer it ASAP. Thank you! <3, Autumn/Glitter
NewLifeChristian says2016-01-12T21:09:42.8449155Z
@Bluepaintcan123 In all honesty, it is more gross to live a homosexual lifestyle than to be bigoted against those who commit to such lifestyle. However, I am in no way condoning anti-homosexual prejudice. I condemn prejudice, for it is morally wrong and unacceptable in all ways.
Glitter2998 says2016-01-12T21:12:01.2490027Z
Come on people. Do you really think that this is what God wants us to do? Being gay, and having transgender operations done? I don't think God is happy with all of you who agree with the operations.
triangle.128k says2016-01-12T21:54:46.5433774Z
A secular government doesn't base laws dictated by strictly looking at a religious book page by page, religion has no part in what people can legally and illegally do in the secular western world. If you want religion to mix with government, look at what happens in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iran, Oman, etc.
triangle.128k says2016-01-12T22:00:35.6023274Z
2nd, are you implying god would make somebody have to suffer through a transgender illness? It's proven that transgenders indeed have a problem with their brain, they feel like they should be a woman/man but have the opposite organ. Operations to change their reproductive organ is a quite effective way to treat transgenders, I understand why therapy may be needed or people are sometimes just confused, but it's not like they just out of nowhere decide they aren't happy with their XX/YX chromosomes.
triangle.128k says2016-01-12T22:02:50.3585826Z
If their gender was "given to them by god," wasn't colorblindness, down syndrome, Cystic fibrosis and etc, are those all "given by god?" Is it "against god" to use processes such as gene therapy to possibly treat these?
CaptnStuart says2016-01-15T03:55:07.9576998Z
Haha holy crap I missed a lot! I hate to defend this Glitter person because she came off a little... Well, off. But I believe what she was thinking but could not formulate into words was that in Biblical times people followed (or tried to) morality over personal happiness. They knew specifically that bad things were wrong, and good things were right, and the rules that determined wrong and right were created by general consensus and with the overall good of the human race in mind. Acting honorably and nobly was considered important. Nowadays, though, virtually nothing is considered "wrong," as long as it makes somebody "happy." Anything goes. Morality is disregarded as negligent because it can be outreasoned by logic. It may surprise you though that logic is not perfect, and it certainly is not fit to run a person's life. Morality is just as real as logical thinking, and it may even be a more noble and satisfying way to live. Freedom is great in this country, but we have abused it in the pursuit of our own personal happiness, using logic to reason that if we want it, and it's possible, then we deserve it. When people yell "Freedom!" I have to roll my eyes a little. Haha, yes, Uncle Sam did say we were free. But no, as morally conscious beings we are not free to do whatever the hell on Earth we want, we still have to respect Nature, and God, and selfless thinking. Difficult to do when the word "honor" no longer has modern uses. This is an argument for morality, not entirely on topic, but hopefully it explains why transgender surgeries can be wrong even though it makes one person feel superficially better about their body image.
CaptnStuart says2016-01-15T03:57:39.1255758Z
@triangle.128k I have answers to your God questions if you would like them, privately.
triangle.128k says2016-01-15T04:03:04.7059238Z
@CaptnStuart Can you give examples of people in biblical times putting morality over person happiness and all? Can you give specific examples of people having a better moral ground during those times?
reece says2016-01-15T04:05:17.1533198Z
@CaptnStuart Why would something be "wrong" if a person's happiness doesn't hurt anyone? This isn't even logic (in the sense that it's a no-brainer.) logic is the dictator of human morality, not your imaginary friend.
CaptnStuart says2016-01-15T04:06:01.8796666Z
Sure! I'm going to bed now but I'll do some digging tomorrow and get back to you. It's a big book.
triangle.128k says2016-01-15T04:06:11.5733568Z
We haven't abandoned freedom for our pursuit of happiness. Humans obviously don't "respect Nature" since we're isolated from nature, nobody should be forced into "respecting god" especially if they don't believe in god. What is wrong about transgender surgeries? Is God forcing transgenders into being unhappy for no reason? Transgender surgeries make somebody feel better from their illness, what is the problem here? What is immoral about transgender operations?
triangle.128k says2016-01-15T04:09:04.6252661Z
"I'll do some digging tomorrow" By digging, do you mean cherry picking?
Black-Jesus says2016-01-15T04:34:42.9199269Z
@reece, I wouldn't say that logic is the dictator of human morality. I mean, there may be a case to be made that it should be, but it isn't. Morality is most usually muddled by human emotion, bias and prejudice.
stargate says2016-01-15T11:54:21.4949095Z
Look your sex is determined at birth, your organs are determined at birth. You will always be a boy if you where born a boy and you will always be a girl if you where born a girl. The thing is we should not allow people to genetically modify there body in that way. It will not fix there illness, instead of promoting it we should give them the help they need. Changing your sex organ will not change your gender.
briantheliberal says2016-01-17T00:22:45.1926675Z
They are called sex-change operations and yes they should be allowed to happen as long as the person involved are adults. All the conservatives voting "no" once again prove that they aren't really for "small government" since they want to use government to dictate people's lives.
stargate says2016-01-17T01:52:50.9335617Z
Look it is morally wrong to do that, besides all they change is there sex organ that will not change there gender even though they will try. They where born male or female and should not try to change it. Mutating your body in that way is unacceptable and should not happen. It should be made illegal.
reece says2016-01-17T02:28:17.0711907Z
@Stargate that's an argument of an 8-year-old. Your argument is essentially 'it's wrong because it's wrong.' Also please learn the differences between gender and sex. Genders is chemical and sex physiological. No one decides what gender they are.
briantheliberal says2016-01-17T03:02:42.3684297Z
Stargate, "it is morally wrong to do that" - Says who? Your morals aren't mine. And quite frankly, it's ridiculous to even use that as an argument. We can literally say anything in the world is morally wrong and should be banned, including your religion but if someone did that you would bitch and cry about how your rights are being denied, but you seem to have no problem taking someone else's rights away and contradiction yourself when it's convenient for you. If someone does not feel comfortable in the body of the gender they were assigned at birth, who are you to tell them they are not allowed to change it?
triangle.128k says2016-01-17T03:57:07.4979479Z
Neo-cons are all about small government and liberty, aren't I right?
stargate says2016-01-17T13:27:33.3637510Z
What I was meaning with sex was gender. Also I never said they could choose now did I. Everyone is either a boy or a girl, and they will always be just that a boy or a girl. The reason I am so strongly against this, is due to that fact that trys to get rid of the gender you where born with due to metal issues. I see transgender as a metal illness, and they should seek metal help instead of us encouraging them to get it. I also think that people should not mutant there body, in my eyes this equals a form of mutation.
stargate says2016-01-17T13:30:14.6442562Z
The reason this should be banned is due to my last post, I think it is basically encouraging the growth of that metal illness know as transgender. Religion doesn't get involved with that, unless you give me some solid reasons that it should be banned, and I will tell you why it shouldn't.
reece says2016-01-17T13:39:50.9208789Z
@stargate Sex isn't gender...
stargate says2016-01-17T13:48:48.7031262Z
Second definition of sex either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.
reece says2016-01-17T13:56:44.6465771Z
@stargate So sex is the physical properties. Now what's gender?
stargate says2016-01-17T14:11:09.6636038Z
First definition of gender The state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).
reece says2016-01-17T14:25:33.9176621Z
@stargate And you don't understand how they're different?
stargate says2016-01-17T14:35:42.9185786Z
No reece I do understand how they are different.
reece says2016-01-17T14:47:42.5781791Z
@stargate Care to explain so i know that you do?
stargate says2016-01-17T14:52:31.6092418Z
Sex is based more on physical differences such as sex organs, while gender is based more on what it says the state of being male or female so basically hoe you act amoung many other things. Sex is the one that is involved with the more physical side of you while gender is the opposite of that.
reece says2016-01-17T14:59:39.7615764Z
@stargate Isn't it right for you to have control over your body if your sex is female but your mind is male, vise versa?
reece says2016-01-17T15:01:52.7680290Z
Your body should conform to your mind, not the other way round.
reece says2016-01-17T15:02:32.7042850Z
stargate says2016-01-17T15:05:42.4091182Z
No you should not change your body, I believe that if you have female organs and look and act female then you are female. You might want to be male but you are still at heart female.
reece says2016-01-17T15:10:56.4627142Z
@stargate *facepalm* If you look and act female, then your sex and gender are both obviously female. Don't be ridiculous.
reece says2016-01-17T15:14:06.6123331Z
What if your gender was male?
stargate says2016-01-17T15:15:21.3992125Z
Look there sex is female, there gender is female. While they can try to change there sex there gender will always be female plus physical there body is different from man in more ways then just the sex organs.
stargate says2016-01-17T15:16:35.3748867Z
While if you where born male like me it is male, if you where born female it is female.
reece says2016-01-17T15:17:13.8291332Z
@stargate You can't change your gender like you can change your sex. They're not the same thing.
reece says2016-01-17T15:18:44.4969144Z
@stargate You still think they're one in the same.
stargate says2016-01-17T15:19:54.9781662Z
Reece you can not change your gender, you can aging try to change your sex but there are what I consider mixed results.
reece says2016-01-17T15:21:14.0082728Z
@stargate What?
stargate says2016-01-17T15:26:00.5507518Z
I do not believe you can fully ever change your gender or your sex.
reece says2016-01-17T15:31:37.7314710Z
@stargate Do you understand that a person can have the sex of a male and the gender of a female/vise versa?
triangle.128k says2016-01-17T17:17:55.0409138Z
@stargate The cure to their illness is changing their sex, that's literally all there is to it. Do you know proof of any more effective treatment? All you're saying is something along the lines of, "you just can't change it."
stargate says2016-01-27T19:01:38.9345906Z
That is not the way to do it, there has to be another way.
triangle.128k says2016-01-27T20:00:21.4371706Z
"That is not the way to do it" Any proof on how it isn't the way to do it?
stargate says2016-01-27T20:17:36.6759445Z
All the reasons stayed for one.

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