Should transgender people have their own bathrooms?

Posted by: Varrack

  • Yes

  • No

12% 3 votes
88% 23 votes
  • The reason that I say yes is because the only other alternative is the California alternative where, "If you feel like a women, you can use the female bathroom." This is a key way for someone to get rapped or some perve or child molester to get his "fun" so I suggest that if they have a separate bathroom then the problem for the most part is solved.

  • I believe so. Even though the debate is hard, there are both pros and cons. I mainly think there should be separate restrooms because say there is a transgender woman who doesn't "pass," as well: She walks into the women's restroom and is immediately given horrid looks and told to go to the men's room. Thats hard. On the other hand, say there is a transgender male: He goes into the men's restroom and is immediately called a "freak," and told to go to the women's restroom. Possibly even raped. Or even beat to death. Society is horrible. Its hard enough being a transgender, much less being worried to death every time you have to use the restroom in public. Another reason why I'm for it, especially for transgender men is because they probably don't want to use the restroom in front of everyone. They may have not went through surgery and be capable of using the restroom while standing. The could force them to go into the women's restroom and make them feel degraded. Like less of a man. I think having restrooms for transgender people or even gender queer people, like myself, could help tone down confusion per say. Maybe even make them feel a little empowered. Unless, of course, they were to be offended by this. Which could quite possibly be an outcome. As for the reason I could say no; This could point out transgender people even more than they already are. This could potentially be an opening for even more hatred toward them because it makes it more obvious. Its almost putting them on the same level as the handicapped per say. You may say this is a stretch, but I don't believe so.

  • Transgender people are aiming for equality (at least in the long run). Gay people used to be made fun of at one point to. Like them, transgender people don't care if their actions are frowned upon or if they're made fun of. They will make their own decisions until they're treated as equals. Separate bathrooms will only cause more inequality.

  • They shouldn't feel different because they did what they think is right for them. They should use the bathroom they feel comfortable using, or if they're worried of being judged, just use the handicapped bathroom.

  • People should use the facility suitable for their present anatomy.

  • A transgender person identifies as a set gender, either male or female. There is no point in a transgender restroom because they identify as male or female. If a transgender person identifies as female, what stops her from using the ladies' room?

  • whatever they feel is the best.

  • Since this is transgender and not genderfluid one should feel as though he/she they are safe in the bathroom they feel most comfortable. Also, we would be spending tax dollars catering to a small percentage of Americans.

  • No! We shouldn't make bathrooms for all kinds of minorities who think they don't know their gender or whatever.

  • Just let them use the bathrooms of the gender that they identify as. What is the problem with that? If they genuinely believe they are a woman or a man, then let them use the bathroom normally and not have it be a huge deal.

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lannan13 says2015-02-27T19:18:28.9353425-06:00
Bigoted has no freaking idea what he's taking about. Cis-genders means that those are the genders and you feel like that gender. For example, I'm cis-male, that means that I'm a dude, not a chick, not a transgeder, not a transsexual. Secondly I find his comment to be highly offensive by mocking Gay Marriage by stating that all gays are pedos. I challenge him to a debate if he'll accept the challenge.
Gabe1e2 says2015-02-27T19:19:27.6897963-06:00
Agreed. He's basically saying all homosexuals are pedos...
lannan13 says2015-02-27T19:26:47.5174523-06:00
Yes Gabe which is why I reported it. I'm pansexual (some people call bisexual) which means that I'm at least 66% gay. I am in NO WAY a pedobear.
briantheliberal says2015-02-27T20:30:43.9839402-06:00
Lannan13, how is that stopping rapists and pedophiles from doing the same thing in a gender conforming bathroom?
Vox_Veritas says2015-02-27T21:14:27.6302383-06:00
Let's be honest here: having an opposite gender person (that includes, say, a trans guy who uses the women's bathroom) share a public restroom with you would be nerve-wracking for both genders (especially women, as they'd more likely be sexually harassed). If they know that the trans person is of the other gender/sex, it'd result in a tense situation. The best way to accommodate the other group is a trans bathroom. I'd be willing to make an exception, however, if the trans person's disguise/persona was adequately convincing to fool passerbys into not knowing said person was of the opposite gender.
TBR says2015-02-27T21:14:33.6401960-06:00
"Go act like a normal person and stop forcing americans to change into your culture. We don't want your culture. We don't need to be forced to accept a minority culture." - BIGOTED, exactly who is this "we" you speak of? The American people? Have you checked polls recently? How does it feel to be a minority now. The "we" will soon be just you, and a few narrow-minded jerks. Have fun with that, or... You know... Join us in a more accepting world.
briantheliberal says2015-02-27T21:23:29.0374997-06:00
Vox, trans MEN wouldn't use a WOMEN's restroom in the first place.

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