Should Trey Gowdy be fired for wasting Funds on Benghazi investigations

Posted by: maslow

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maslow says2016-06-29T16:27:03.5370888Z
This is a typical action of the GOP to grouse about the budget and talk about cutting social programs and then have 8 count them 8 failed investigations costing millions of dollars (wasted) only to find absolutely nothing wrong on Hillary's part. So all you faux Republican's can bite me when you call her a liar about Benghazi because you put your full faith and credit in a fractured party with a dysfunctional philosophy. Hoozah for HILLARY
Roughrider says2016-07-01T01:43:38.1175827Z
So i guess the truth hurts You Four Americans died on that night and I wanted to know what happened, I do not take it lightly that i was lied to and that makes me even madder take off the shades bud and see what is happening to our country it makes me very angry and i am taking anymore. Hillary for Prison for she broke Federal laws and she needs to go to jail and nothing u tell me with change my mind
maslow says2016-07-24T21:05:22.7569190Z
Roughrider: why don't you blame the Republicans for cutting the security funds and the 7 million dollar investigations found NO wrong doing on Hillary's part you encephalitic useless moron

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