Should Trump be allowed to be president if Hillary has won the popular vote?

Posted by: Teen_driven_crazy

  • TRUMP for president

  • Make Clinton prez instead

80% 32 votes
20% 8 votes
  • First of all, Trump won the popular vote, they just reported that Hillary won because illegal immigrants voted for her, dead people voted for her, many many votes were flipped from Trump to Hillary, and many democrats voted up to 83 times. Second of all, yes he should, even if Hillary did win the popular vote because she is a felon and a sex offender and is not eligible for the office of president. Finally, that's the way our system works, electoral votes are what matter, and if you don't like it move to Antarctica.

  • I'm no fan of Trump, and if I could reasonably change the outcome of the election to see Hillary in office, I would. Nonetheless, we live in a country where the electoral college is responsible for deciding who is president, not the popular vote. Much as I disagree with that system (as I think it's at odds with having a truly representative democracy), Trump won the electoral votes fair and square to become our president. So yes, he should be allowed to be president. There may be other reasons he should be denied the office, but this is not one of them.

  • I would have Hillary in office, but popular vote does not matter as much in our system for presidential elections. She has won it by about 200,000 people as of typing this, although I feel I must address RonPaulConservative saying that dead people voted for Hillary and that illegal immigrants voted for her. Neither of those are true because illegal immigrants would be unable to register, and the claims of dead people voting were investigated, and no, zombies do not exist. They were mostly people with the same name. Ready for Train Wreck 2017-2021?

  • I despise the electoral college, but that is how it's written in the Constitution. Of course he should be allowed to become president.

  • Trump was not trying to win the popular vote. Which he easily could have. Like any intelligent candidate he didn't waste time or money in states that were not going his way. If Trump can win Ohio,Penn. Wisc. Mich etc. he could greatly effect the popular vote totals in any state he wanted to spend money and time in. But that would be stupid waste of resourses. He could have won the popular vote by millions and lost the presidency.

  • Technically he did win the popular vote, if you discard the three million illegal votes, that is. Either way, screw Clinton.

  • Yes because I believe that CNN is lying and that Trump actually won the popular vote

  • Hilary should have become President instead unlike Trump she's not a corrupt Capitalist who will only do what is best for himself and his interest over the people. He's already gone back on Illegal Immigrants by stating he'll let the ones already in the country stay so there's one of his promises already broken.

  • Plenty of Trump electors have to realize what a train wreck he will be for the country by now. They should vote against him in the electoral college. Even if your state has a faithless elector law, typically the penalty is just a fine. Some scholars doubt that faithless elector laws are even constitutional. I hope some of these electors are reading this right now. Think it over carefully and vote your conscience. If there is any point in even having an electoral college it is so that the people who actually serve as electors can vote against their pledge if the candidate would undermine this great nation's democratic institutions.

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Bluepaintcan123 says2016-11-09T23:58:40.2005490Z
@KNaveslayer99 She is bought and paid for by corporations, so yes, she is corrupt. Don't ignore reality. Also, just because we don't like the candidate doesn't mean they didn't deserve to win. We set up the electoral college and they chose Trump, it's over.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-11-10T00:02:19.6159555Z
@Bluepaintcan123 I'm not ignoring reality and honestly I don't mind Trump as president given what he said last night as it seems he's growing up. My issue is that the American people are siding with the fascist ideas he had before hand and if you even attempt to defend the Anti-Muslim stuff about having Armbands and stuff like the Immigrants may I shall state that perhaps you should read some books by Umberto Eco who defined what an actual fascist is. Like I said last night with the speeches Trump gave I have a good feeling he'll do a good job but he has a lot to clean up after what he said with all the hate and ideas.
Politics2016 says2016-11-10T00:11:35.5723193Z
HATRED? Immigrants: Trump is against ILLEGAL immigration, and is for LEGAL immigration. Even so, he doesn't hate illegal immigrants. Muslims: I assume you're talking about the proposed temporary suspension of Muslim immigration into the U.S. Well, that doesn't suggest that he hates Muslims. He proposed it because there is a growing problem with radical Muslims, and until we can get a proper vetting system set up and in place, to temporarily suspend Muslim Immigration. He has since adjusted his position to suspending immigration of countries with a past of terrorism, but still, his past opinion in no way suggested he hates Muslims.
Mharman says2016-11-10T00:21:11.0444082Z
Clinton only won they majority vote because a lot of illegals and dead people voted for Hillary.
Fernyx says2016-11-10T01:48:35.8496711Z
@knaveslayer99 'she is not a corrupt capitalist' first off she is a capitalist, and second off she is a corrupt capitalist. 250k speeches, 25mil from Saudi, etc.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-11-10T02:06:20.1508935Z
@Fernyx She's not a Capitalist as she does not invest in trade and wealth and such, yes she is rich but she's still not a Capitalist by definition as where Trump is a capitalist. Also @Politics2016 He has stated he would tear down Mosque so please don't even try to defend that the same goes with him wanting Muslims to wear armbands which to me sounds a lot like Jews in Fascist Germany.
ryangill says2016-11-10T02:29:55.3091224Z
Yo Trump won, so therefore if y'all don't like dat, then y'all should just go kys cause Trump is better than yo ass and same wit Clinton, imagine dat Clinton mofo as our prez, like nah boi ain't nobody got time for dat.
MasturDbtor says2016-11-10T03:40:12.4097858Z
@ Politics2016 Let's pretend Islamophobia is legitimate for a second. Even with Trump proposing a ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries rather than from people who are Muslim that's just wrong for a whole other set of reasons. That effectively means throwing Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Baha'i, and atheists under the bus who are just trying to flee oppressive theocratic regimes. That's repeating a historical failure. That's what we did to the Jews in the 1930s who wanted to flee from Germany.
Skeptical1 says2016-11-10T04:17:38.8553860Z
The wonderful thing about a democracy is that even an ignorant, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, divisive, tax avoiding sexual predator can become the President of the United States, because the majority of the population see those as admirable qualities. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. I believe that's how it goes.
PsionicTurtle says2016-11-10T04:37:36.4918748Z
Hey, people saying that illegals voted for Hillary: No they didn't they can't register. Dead people can't vote they're dead. Those cases were investigated, it was usually just the same name. Trump wants to loosen restrictions on Wall Street, not Hillary.
Politics2016 says2016-11-10T13:12:47.2859462Z
@MasturDbtor, it's not wrong. Actually, it's probably what helped Trump win. It promotes the idea of "America First." A country that does not protect its own citizens first is not a prosperous nation. Trump says, "Hey, let's take care of our own citizens first, then we'll see if we can help these other people."
Mharman says2016-11-10T13:31:42.1329375Z
Illegal immigrants aren't allowed to vote, but corrupt Obama let them anyway. Plus it's been proven that Obama let the Democratic party register dead people to vote for Hillary.
Fernyx says2016-11-10T19:33:00.4928540Z
@knaveslayer99 I do not defend Trump, I despise him, and I did not vote for him, just saying Clinton is a corrupt capitalist.
Politics2016 says2016-11-10T19:36:15.3849033Z
If it was decided on the popular vote, everywhere east of California might as well have not voted since California handed her the popular vote.
Politics2016 says2016-11-10T22:55:24.9907863Z
We just elected the President of the United States, not the President of California. That's why we have an electoral college. Get over it.
MasturDbtor says2016-11-11T04:56:10.0671359Z
@ Politics2016 So you approve of the US not helping more Jews escape the Holocaust in the 1930s?
Mharman says2016-11-11T13:00:19.0683205Z
@MastrDbtor: They didn't even know about the concentration camps until the soldiers got deep into Nazi territory.
LuciferWept says2016-11-11T15:50:42.7654566Z
The reason the electoral college exists is to prevent one or two highly populated states (like California and New York) from controlling the elections. Once a candidate wins a majority in a state, he/she wins the number of electoral votes in that state. This is due to the fact that different states have different needs (what Californians want and need is not what Floridans wants and need). The electoral college is meant to grant a voice to those individuals in sparsely populated states. For more on this, read John Stuart Mill's "Considerations on Representative Government".
LuciferWept says2016-11-11T15:53:18.7664566Z
@ MasturDbtor The Holocaust did not begin until 1939. Before then, Jews were fleeing from the Nazis. It is actually not comparable, as that many migrants are Sunni Muslims "fleeing" Sunni Muslims. The Holocaust was Jews fleeing Jew-killers.
Politics2016 says2016-11-11T18:42:18.9081286Z
@MastrDbtor I'd approve if there was a proper vetting system in place. With some countries nowadays, that may not be possible.
MasturDbtor says2016-11-11T18:54:19.4143472Z
@ LuciferWept Addressing your two comments: 1. That's the theory behind it, but it doesn't work. For one thing people living in rural and urban California or northern and southern California will also have different interests. And since there are safe states in most elections candidates strategically focus on winning swing states and ignore states that are safe for themselves or their opponents. As it is both Trump and Hillary were the least popular presidential candidates ever. So much for trying to make a political system where the presidency is based on appealing to a wide range of interests. A ranked choice popular vote system would do a lot more to ensure candidates try to be as broadly appealing as possible since they would have to compete not just for the first place ranking but for other high rankings and so would have to court votes even from people guaranteed to mark someone else as first place. It would also eliminate the spoiler effect and so give voters more choices. 2. And some of them aren't even Muslims. Just like a person living in the United States isn't necessarily a Christian a person living in a Muslim-majority nation isn't necessarily a Muslim. Christians and Yazidis in Syria are among the most persecuted by ISIS and the most in need of refuge.
LuciferWept says2016-11-11T20:24:39.6066918Z
@MasturDbtor On the first part, that is exactly why the Electoral College works. It prevents major population states (like California) from controlling the election. Thus the political climate of one particular state cannot dictate what happens to the others. As for the second part, there are indeed Christians and Yazidis fleeing ISIS, however, out of the Syrian Refugees who have been resettled in the US the Obama Administration began doing so, 99% were Sunni Muslims. While not all Sunni Muslims are Wahhabiists, a good deal in what is called the Levant are. There is no real possible way of vetting refugees coming from that area to see if they are Wahhabiists or not. This is the reason for the proposed Muslim immigration ban. A Wahhabiist would even claim to be Christian, if asked in a vetting process, to gain access to the West. The primary goal of ISIS now is to wage lone wolf attacks on what it perceives as a cowardly and indecisive West. Trump's plan to work with Russia, Syria, and possibly Iran, while taking a less tolerant approach to both Wahhabiism and Saudi Arabia's support thereof, is the best way to aid those people being persecuted by ISIS. Merely accepting refugees will have the same effect that Chamberlain's appeasement policies had for European Jews. Of course those capable of fleeing were able to find safety found safety, but many more died. To do so now would have even worse effects. Those true victims of ISIS who manage to flee will be among individuals working for ISIS. That is the unfortunate truth on the nature of combating guerilla warfare, especially trying to fight it in the a politically correct way as Bush and Obama tried to do in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
MasturDbtor says2016-11-12T04:42:02.6317610Z
@ LuciferWept And what about when the political climate is different within the same state? Worrying about differing political climates only when they differ between states seems pretty arbitrary. I agree ISIS needs to be stopped. But in the meantime there are people suffering and dying in those countries. By all means vet them. But we already have vetting procedures in place. The government has intell. I'd be all for allowing the military and intelligence agencies some say in the vetting process, even if they can't tell immigration authorities the reason for their decision because of classified information. But most people fleeing, including Muslims, Christians, and Yazidis are just innocent people trying to escape the violence and persecution. I know no vetting process is perfect and there are almost certainly people being turned away already who are not a security threat, but it's just a gesture of humanity and good will to give genuine refugees a chance. At the very least young children should be allowed in even if the parents are not cleared and the parents want their kids to be able to flee to safety. At the very least a baby is not a threat to national security. If the parents are not accepted they should be allowed to leave their child in America with a foster family.
Mharman says2016-11-14T13:33:42.5050316Z
As ye shall sow, ye shall reap.
Mharman says2016-11-14T13:34:48.6338555Z
As ye shall sow, ye shall reap.

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