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Yes Colombia

Yes Colombia is a centrist political party in Colombia. It was founded by Noemí Sanín. At the last legislative elections, 10 March 2002, the party won as one of the many small parties parliamentary representation.
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PetersSmith says2016-03-03T21:50:48.8304061Z
Trump isn't going to build a wall, Mexico is. It'll be a beautiful wall.
ButterCatX says2016-03-03T22:04:57.8888415Z
I'm gonna move to mexico so that I can help build the wall. Or I'm gonna become a civil engineer and help design the wall.
dfmccabe says2016-03-04T05:31:39.8642680Z
Trump will get a lot of Americans working by building a wall, and Mexico gets to pay for it! Yes!
mattgubler says2016-03-04T10:25:36.4618307Z
I think he should simply because it is important to be able to keep track of who is and isn't in our country at any given time also building a wall would decrease the amount of illegal immigrants entering the US which is is no way good for our country for any reason
StronglyOnionatedPlatypus says2016-03-04T16:01:07.5879786Z
The problem with building a wall is that it is a very costly project, and Mexico simply isn't going to pay for it just because Trump says so. A better idea would be to invest that money in infrastructure, which would create jobs and actually benefit America.
guyawesome1 says2016-03-05T04:07:15.9931392Z
First of all trump is going to build the wall not mexico so if you dont even know the plans stop saying he should plus what do we gain from building that wall.
ran4022003 says2016-03-14T04:44:18.8332034Z
It's idiotic, we don't need to build a wall, people are gonna find a way to cross anyways and it will cost a lot of money, money that should be directed to other things like education. Plus, America was built on immigration, so...

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