Should Turkey becoming a member of the European Union?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

Turkey has got a population of about 75 million. Set to rise to 85 million in the next ten years. It has completely different values and traditions to the rest of Europe and only about 3% of it is actually in Europe. The rest being in Asia. If it became a member, it could have up to 96 seats in the EU parliament and could be receiving a lot of money, up to 11 billion pounds a year (the amount the UK pays for EU membership). In addition, can we trust the Turkish to keep the borders secure with Iraq, so as to

  • Yes, Turkey should become a member of the EU

  • No, Turkey should NOT become a member of the EU

32% 7 votes
68% 15 votes
  • cause, fuck the turks

  • Yes Turkey shoud join the EU. If Turkey joined the eu it would show that islam is welcome and that eu is not some christian nation. Getting one more country into the eu would be one more step to uniting the world under one nation.

    Posted by: Wyrix
  • Smoke weed. Stay off drugs.

  • No, the history of Turkey combined with its rapid re-Islamization should be a cautionary note but given that the European Union is ethnically cleansing their native populations by importing unlimited amounts of Muslim immigrants into their countries..perhaps it would serve their agenda.

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