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No,freedom of religion is being protected under first amendment.People have a fundamental right to believe whatever they want.

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Yes because religion possess a threat to the society.American shouldn't be such a dump ass that they have to believe in such kind of bullshit

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stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:24:43.8629362Z
Christian priest authorize pedophile to become a bishiop and even bless union.
stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:27:24.7061509Z
Since Roman Catholic priest are overly responsible for 90 % of all child sex abuse report.
stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:30:48.8007541Z
USA should ban freedom of religion and it shouldn't be subtitled under any Amendement.
stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:32:45.9746074Z
Since bible Old Testament (letivictus) withhold pedophile and rape,they even affirm that men could be legally allowed in sexual abusing prepubescent child.
stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:35:31.7277949Z
During the historical period,British empire ,holy roman empire,and Spanish inquisition didn't enact any statutory rape law.That's mean children could be legally sexually prey upon by anyone.
stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:44:14.6654512Z
@Foodiesoul Do you agree of what I am saying about Christianity condone pedophile and rape while British empire and the holy roman empire does not have an age of consent ?
stephannoi says2016-07-26T20:45:45.8492047Z
While sodomy are often being severely punish during British era colony time but there is no penalty against pedophile and sexual predators in the history.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-27T04:25:25.0118423Z
@stephanmpi People can have sodomy if they want to as long as it's in their house and not in public. I disagree with you. It depends on the religion. Christianity doesn't condone sexual abuse. It simply talks about it and makes some people aware of it.
benhos says2016-07-28T04:22:07.8112162Z
Freedom of religion means free to believe whatever you want. So why do you assume that by banning freedom of religion, it would be by atheists? Freedom of religion wouldn't exist if we became a theocracy either.
ghostrecon says2016-07-28T14:07:59.0374974Z
@benhos because religion and christianity condone pedophile and rape that's why it should be banned.
ghostrecon says2016-07-28T14:09:40.9997510Z
Since most roman catholic priest ordain pedophile and find sexually abusing children is morally acceptable.
Wolfram says2016-07-29T04:08:32.4240775Z
@stephannoi First Amendment is about in protecting your beliefs, not promoting beliefs against people's rights. Child sex abuse committed by Catholic priests contradicts the USA's First Amendment because there are Child Protection laws to ensure our children's rights. I think you should learn the difference between Human Rights and crime.
stephannoi says2016-07-29T15:14:56.4820134Z
I am very dissapointed why so many People would prefer to tolerated Religion proscription
stephannoi says2016-07-29T15:17:53.1999462Z
I expected each of You guys to vote ban Religion.American should converted into antheist and leave the church.

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