Should USA ban violent games sales for minors ?

Posted by: countdooku

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Violent video games should not be banned.Children should have a right to play.

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Yes because violent games corrupt the mind of children.It lowered the inhibition and desentisized them into violent.

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biggame261 says2016-02-29T17:47:57.5213826Z
It is entirely up to a parent to let their children play a violent video game. The same way they choose whether or not they can watch a rated R movie or stay at a friends house. It's only an issue because parents don't realize what they are buying for their kids thinking "It's just a video game".
blainedelaney says2016-03-02T04:49:02.3366785Z
Yes and no because there are people out there that their way to relive stress is to shoot things on video games
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T00:01:01.0236621Z
I think the poll itself is a bit misleading with the image. I know many children that would just sit down with a complete calm face and play the game, laugh some, and just have fun. They dont have to all spaze out and attack people.
ghostrecon says2016-03-11T06:57:15.8875871Z
@stonehe4rt Well some kids can become violent through playing violent games.
ghostrecon says2016-03-11T06:58:31.9707379Z
Take an example of adam lanza,he play violent games since he was a little kid.
ghostrecon says2016-03-11T07:01:11.3288239Z
I truly believe these video game corrupt the mind of people that is why it should be banned.In comparison is just as bad as drinking alcohol,smoke cigarrettes,and consume heroin drugs.
Tokano says2016-04-01T04:41:03.3414060Z
@GhostRecon There is no substantial evidence that video games of any sort changes someones general behavior. To a stable and well organized mind, playing a video game is a fantasy -- not real life. Playing video games of any genre has been proven to improve general brain function, critical thinking, problem solving skills. Those are just the easily measured effects of the mind; the physical effects are diminished by parents not forcing their children to get off their butts and go outside, however the most prominent physical benefit from playing video games is a reduced risk to arthritis later in life. Some people even reported to researchers that they felt violent video games worked as a sort of anger therapy. They state that they were less likely to commit an act of physical violence after playing a violent video game than before they played it. This was a very small minority in the study, but it existed nonetheless. A slightly greater minority within the same study reported that they also felt slightly to moderately less anxiety after playing the game for longer than 30 minutes. You cite Adam Lanza as a prime example of what happens to people who play video games; that is sheer nonsense. Millions of people around the world play video games, but I don't see them all going out and allegedly murdering kindergartners. I am a life long gamer and I'm no more violent than your average citizen, perhaps less so. Adam Lanza had a mental condition that inhibited his ability to separate reality from fiction. This was confirmed several times within the media as well as police reports. The fact that you picked Adam Lanza tells me that you have no substantial knowledge of the conspiracy theory surrounding the Newtown Shooting, it also tells me that you like to cherry pick the worst humanity has to offer to validate your views on a subject you don't know much about.
white_rice42 says2016-04-18T09:28:49.5319533Z
I can say from experience that violent video games help me gat my anger out (not in a sadistic way) and that I'm usually a happier person once i get done playing them. I have tried no video games for a while and found i was more easily agitated at pretty much everything.
countdooku says2016-05-19T05:52:54.7849371Z
@Tokano Yes but violent video game has an negative effect on our brain according to some study.
dicksmasher32 says2017-02-23T04:11:07.6537927Z
They shouldn't be banned though, gaming is a huge industry and banning it could lower the amount of jobs and hurt the industry badly. Honestly the only people who get affected by them are the mentally ill, no sane person would shoot someone just because they saw it in a video game.

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