Should video cameras be placed in every classroom

Posted by: killerbow22

Shoud they? ! ? ! ? !

  • Yes

  • No

53% 23 votes
47% 20 votes
  • There is no reason why in my opinion. Only people who have something to hide, Whether it be teachers or students, Will be against this. It also helps with deciding punishment and could help prevent bullying.

  • If there is something that happens in the classroom that needs to be on camera, Then it will be. Yes there is a teacher in the classroom, But they do not always see what is happening. For anyone who uses the excuse "students shouldn't feel like they are always being watched" you do realize that you already are being constantly watched? More than likely these are the students who are doing bad things in class that do not want to be caught, Not because they actually care about privacy. This is about cameras in the classroom, Not the bathroom. The teacher already sees pretty much everything that you are doing, So the "it's against a persons privacy" argument is off the table as well. There is nothing creepy about having an extra set of eyes on students. You are in a classroom with multiple people, There is no privacy. If anything it can help watch certain behaviors that can lead to school shootings. Again, If this was to have said "should cameras be in all bathrooms at school" then the points posted in the NO section would actually be valuable.

  • cameras are needeed not just to moniter the children but also moniter the teachers and to ensure that whatever happens behind the closed doors of a classroom is not abusive, Especially if it is happening to very young children who are unable to decipher when they are being abused. With the increasing number of child predators installation of concealed cameras may prove to be a source of evidence as well as fear

  • Increase the safety of our schools, Besides, You should have nothing to hide. There are cameras in the hallways; why can't they be in classrooms?

  • Yes, Because there are many things that have happened in classrooms that could have been prevented or fixed if they were recorded. Rape, Bullying, Child abuse, Neglect etc etc. The only reason why anyone would have a reason against it is because they have something negative to hide. It's not like they would put cameras in the bathroom stalls. Nothing should be happening in a classroom that should be viewed badly on camera any ways.

  • i say no because students should have to be worried about always being watch

  • Why does the world need to know every little thing? There is almost always a teacher in the class room. It's just creepy to need a camera.

  • A person can have secrets from others the contents of which are not morally reprehensible. Monitoring anybody on the base of prejudice is amoral. Thus, Every human has a principal right to privacy at least as long as there is no immediate and actual reason for suspicion. Students spend a large portion if not most of their day at school. Destroying student's privacy at school by installing cameras in classrooms means destroying a large part of their general privacy altogether. This is wrong, Vote no.

    Posted by: JAB
  • No. Everyone should have a right to privacy.

  • people deserve to have privacy.

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aibarr36 says2019-07-30T22:06:01.7652671Z
Yes there should be cameras in schools. It would put a check on bullying and other misconduct. Minors are monitored at all times anyway, This will only refine the current system

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